While picture albums have been the hit of the past few decades, technology has pushed people into taking pictures with mobile devices, smart cameras and so on. In this fashion, organizing a photo album or simply gathering all the pictures taken in the same place has become fairly complicated and most of times, great memories captured digitally are lost deep inside the computer. Thanks to MyShoebox, now you have an option.

MyShoebox is a free cloud hosting services for images, which works with the most used platforms at the moment, including Windows, iOS, Android and of course, Mac. To put it brief, this is a unifying program which gathers all the pictures taken by one user under the same roof. From MyShoebox, files can be retrieved using any device whatsoever, as long as it contains the right credentials. And on top of all, it also comes with an advanced searching feature.


MyShoebox: the perfect cloud solution for storing images

MyShoebox allows users to store an unlimited amount of pictures, and without paying any sums, whatsoever. The only limitation present for free accounts is the quality of the pictures stored, MyShoebox permitting pictures smaller than 20 MB and with a maximum width of 1024 pixels (regular display size). Those who wish to bypass this rule and gain access to other file formats besides JPEG and PNG, will have to pay a monthly contribution of $5.

Once you get pass the resolution downside, MyShoebox is really great. Every picture stored on their servers is backed-up in several locations, so the file is assured integrity. Speaking of safety, this service also vows for discretion, encrypting the file using SSL during transfers and AES-256 afterwards.cloud-padlock-300x300

Another advantage of this online shoebox is the automatic syncing function, which updates the pictures present on their servers on the go. To preserve the battery and also the mobile data usage, this function is enabled only when the phone is charging (on Android devices) and can also be tweaked to respect data caps or even disable it over cellular networks.

At the moment, MyShoebox is in its young years and developers still have a lot of things to implement. For instance, deleting photos can only be done from Windows or Mac platforms, while downloading images in a batch isn’t ready yet. But, at the end of the day, this is a wonderful app which should be tried, at least.

Source: MyShoebox

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