One of the most sought after effects in photography is the one in which the subject stands out clearly while the background is blurred – what the pros refer to as the “depth of field effect” and the super pros call “Bokeh.” Mastery of this effect is considered the hallmark of a good photography, and comes only after you invest a goodish amount on money (on a camera) and time (on the camera). Of course, if you are in a hurry, all you need is the right app on your phone.

There are a plethora of apps that let you blur a bit of background here and there – hey, even Instagram lets you mess around with THAT bit of image tweaking. But none has quite compressed it to the level of simplicity that Finger Focus has. The app is available in free and paid avatars – try the former if you can tolerate the ads and do not mind resolution comprosmises, buy the latter for $0.99 if you cannot- which is currently available for iOS (alas, no news of an Android version as yet).


Operating it is utterly simple. You either click a fresh picture from within the app – it lets you access the camera function – or select an existing picture. You will be presented with a blurred picture. Just run your finger over the area that you want un-blurred, click on Save, and hey, you are ready to go with one professional looking picture. You can also share your picture on Twitter, mail it to a friend, and of course, save it on your camera roll to brandish as proof when they doubt your lensmanship.


You can also play around with the level of blurring, the brush size (area covered by your finger when in un-blur mode), saturation, brightness and contrast if such is your wish and inclination, but even if you stick to the default settings, you will still end up with awesome shots with minimum fuss. Download it, and get ready to be christened the Bokeh Baba of your social circle.

Download from:


For iOS: free version
paid version – $0.99

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