We all know that besides the display size, processor type, general speed and other technical specifications, the battery is also a very important factor when choosing the phone. When all those wonders above haven’t got enough juice to supply a decent battery time, the phone is as good as dead (unless you have a smart bag) and these also reflect on sales. Just for the sake of the story, let’s imagine that you have already purchased a smartphone with a cursed battery or that its battery life is not enough to get over a full-day.

The only solution that could save your experience is a battery optimizing tool, just like the one we are going to speak about today. Introducing Battery Status Plus: one of the best battery optimizing applications that we’ve seen on Android until the moment. Unlike casual battery tools available on Google Play, the Battery Status Plus integrates a hand-full of critical features and can cope with the cloud in order to supply realistic statistics. Moreover, this app has a special set of skills which can highlight the most power-hungry processes currently running on the handset.


Why Battery Status Plus is worth downloading

The project was officially born in early November, where the first beta version was published on the notorious XDA forum. Here, hundreds of members have tested the application and after several improvements, the official suite was published on Google Play.


This is how Battery Status Plus analyzes certain apps

In a few words, Battery Status Plus does a great job at analyzing battery draining apps and at notifying the user about critical processes. While running in the background, the tool analyzes data related to every application currently running, hardware usage and a lot more:

  • Offers statistics about the CPU usage (in both background and foreground modes)
  • Analyzes the network to offer data usage numbers
  • Watches over all the sensors and detects strange behavior
  • Analyzes the GPS usage

All the data gathered is then used to display percentages showing how much battery do individual applications consume, estimate and monitor the battery remaining time and for those who want something more, use the Cloud to compare battery performances with other devices.

This optional feature also allows users to compare the battery consumption of individual application and average usage, right from the official website. Battery Status Plus is free to download and can be retrieved from Google Play.

Source: XDA

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