Twitter is, without a shred of doubt, one of the best ways to stay connected. No matter what your line of work is, you won’t find more updates on any other social service than on Twitter. Although the amount of useful information was always high on Twitter, any user can safely say that a lot of useless stuff is also shared here and most of the times, the useful part becomes a small segment.

Thanks to Slices, a new Twitter client which can be used on mobile phones and on regular computers alike, huge amounts of information can be now organized into categories, defined by the user itself. After installing the software, owners can sort sources by the information usually shared and in this way, increase reading efficiency while simplifying the whole browsing experience. These, and a lot more.


Slices: a Twitter client worth using

Slices comes with a wide range of new features, a gorgeous look and a very responsive interface on mobile operating systems. But without question, the greatest aspect of this application is the ability of cutting the Twitter timeline into Slices, defined by the user itself.

Slice-viewUnlike regular Twitter lists, Slices are preserved on the official Slice website and they are thought as being more responsive, granular and more powerful. This extra jolt of juice is given by the ability of creating mini-Slices, which can be thought as sub-chapters of a big book. A quick example from my own topic would be the fact that I can make a big slice for technology news, in which I can include the most note-worthy sources, but then I can split this chapter into several more categories: smartphones, life hacks, officials, etc.

As I’ve mentioned above, another advantage of Slices is the beautiful user-interface. The design is eye-pleasing and the main panel comes with mini-tabs for home, mentions and direct messages. Those who tap one of these choices will be presented with a pop-up mini-screen containing related information, which can also be maximized using the left side-panel.

Other interesting features

  • Zip It – some sources and even trends itself can be temporarily muted (until further notice) using the Zip feature. All you have to do is tap the desired account and choose to zip it. From that point on, any story shared by the user will appear in a very short form which can be once more maximized by clicking on the zipper.
  • Explore – to keep users up with the times, Slice comes with a nice collection of popular Twitter accounts separated into relevant sections (such as sports, movies, etc.). Taping one of these categories will expand the list and show what users have been included here, while some sections will include sub-chapters such as specific sports.
  • Live Events – another section found useful by many is the Live Events, where people could find gatherings for the upcoming period sorted in categories. Some of the entries listed here can also be streamed live.
  • Slices for starters – in order to accommodate users with the concept of a Slice, the service automatically creates slices for Tech & Science, Celebrities and TV& Movies.
  • Multiple accounts and devices – Slices supports those that use multiple accounts to login and ports the desired information to each user, while offering a seamless browsing experience with any device used.
  • Stats – a section which shows the most used hashtags, top mentions, popular tweeting times for all Twitter users or for those who you are following.

Slices can be used on Android, iOS and on regular computers using a web browser. The software itself is free to download for those not bothered by ads, which can be removed for $4.99 using the menu itself.

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