We cannot question the fact that having Microsoft’s Office suite always ready is really nice, but what happens when you don’t have around $120 to spend on standard license? Well, the makers of FreeEditor have thought of that small possibility and have developed a program which can be seen as a general office client for small use.

In a few words, FreeEditor can open and edit a wide range of documents and images, while embedding some helpful tools like spell checkers, converters and code modes. On top of these all, the software is free to download, consumes only a few computer resources and can be used with ease by all categories of owners.


FreeEditor – the Office Jack of all trades

Although at first, this software gives the impression that is nothing more than a common client, FreeEditor can impress users with the wide range of files supported and by the simplicity of the interface. Moreover, it has some hidden formatting features that can really help users work with documents of all types and make them forget about expensive tools like Photoshop, Microsoft Word and plenty others. Here’s a short preview of what you can accomplish with FreeEditor:

  • Powerful editing: most editing gestures are accomplished with a single click gesture, while the integrated spell checker and the range of advanced editing sequences will increase work efficiency.
  • Fast conversions: take advantage of the included convertor engine, which can switch a regular document into a presentation in seconds.
  • Image editor: using this tool you can re-size  rotate and crop images, while adding some color filters like grayscale, blue, sepia and much more.
  • Compatibility with system files: with the help of the integrated Hex editor, this tool supports editing of system files and plenty others.
  • Resource editor: the somewhat-hidden part of FreeEditor is the property of messing with icons and other advanced file types, by providing a basic interface from where users can tweak such complicated things.

Combining that with full support to over 100 file types, makes this little software the weapon of choice for many – download link here (compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7). The file itself has only 75 MB, so it’s a feather for your storage. Here are a few pictures of the software in action. The program is very, very fast and opens files with no hassle at all. When you read about the software, it’s one thing, but when you get to use it, it’s another one.


I was suprised to discover that if you use FreeEditor, you really don’t need to rely on many other softwares. I even managed to open up a .mkv file, on top of that huge list of file types! When you open a .doc file, for example, it brings up another tools bar, which you can use to edit your file. The same happens with videos, where it brings a control bar where you can pause, stop or adjust volume. And yes, it will also play your songs. This is one of the best portable software I’ve ever seen.

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