As one holiday passes, another one approaches quickly. We’ve just past Thanksgiving and now we’re making preparations for the Christmas holidays. App developers have been hard at work creating the perfect holiday shopping apps and gadget manufacturers are coming up with some perfect appliances to go with those apps.

In the pursuit of creating the smart house of the future, more and more electronics manufacturers are pushing the limits of imagination and developing high tech equipment to power our houses, but they seem to pass the simple things, the seemingly unimportant gadgets that would do us a world of good in the kitchen.


Top Kitchen gadgets

After all, it is in the kitchen that the next holiday will be planned. Lots of food to cook, lots of recipes to try and without help, this could become a battle against the wind mills. To give you a hand in the kitchen for the following season, we tracked down the coolest and most useful kitchen gadgets. Although many of them are not as smart as you might think, they give you the help you need in easily dealing with the workload that inherits the winter holidays.

12. Monday Mug


Because for many, every day starts with a hot coffee, we figured that adding a very nice coffee mug to our top would be a great idea. One problem I’ve always had with coffee, is that I don’t know when it’s the right temperature. Well, this mug will tell you exactly that, in a way that will put a smile on your face: when the mug is empty, it’s black and it has a sad face, but when the temperature of the coffee is perfect, the mug will turn yellow with a smiley face. This is just awesome!

11. Onion Goggles


What makes the most hardened man cry? If you thought of an onion, then you were right! These pesky little vegetables have made our lives hard for the last time. Now, you can completely get rid of the tears by using these Onion Goggles that protect your eyes from the chemicals in the onion. Armed with these goggles, you will slice onions like never before, without shedding a tear and keeping your dignity. There you go Google! Can your Goggles do this?

10. minibru Coffee Mug


And coffee once again. I can’t help myself, I love coffee! But this time, a mug that has the potential to give you the best french press coffee you’ve ever had. Typically, making a fresh pot of of this coffee would require you to have a french press (and if you’ve tried this, you know it gets cold before you can drink all of it), but this little mug has this feature within itself. All you need to do it add the coffee, add the water and wait a few minutes, put the lid and press! Voila! A perfect sized french pressed coffee!

9. Nostalgia Electrics 50’s Styled Stir Popper


What is Christmas without a few classic movies? I always watch my favorite movies on this day, it just makes them better. But, going from that idea, what is a movie without popcorn? And here is where our next gadget comes in: a very stylish popcorn stir popper. The device features a vent for exhausting the hot air and humidity, so your popcorn is nice and crispy and a rotating tumbler so it won’t get clumped or burned.

8. Laser Thermometer Gun


A thermometer is a must have tool in any kitchen. It allows you to break down cooking to a science and create difficult and sensitive dishes with ease. This laser thermometer gun has all you need to prepare your food, and because it uses a laser pointer, it’s very accurate and it allows you to measure the temperature of certain elements. Also, its lightweight body and top notch build quality make it the perfect kitchen thermometer.

7. Garlic Twist


Garlic gives food a great flavor, and for those who want to eat healthy, it’s an ingredient that is always present. Garlic crushers haven’t changed much in the last years, and to be honest, they don’t look that good either. For those who want to add some style to their kitchen, this garlic crusher is perfect. It’s shaped like a tobacco grinder and it makes it much easier to crush garlic. After 1-2 revs of the crusher, the garlic is grinded to a pulp, perfect for a dressing or dipping sauce.

6. Prepara Dressing Whiz


And speaking of dressings, instead of buying a salad dressing, why not make your own? This device allows you to do just that. The device features a measured container, so you can make exactly the amount of dressing you want, and it also runs on batteries, so those who don’t like wires in their homes can have a clean looking kitchen. The shape of the blender is very nice, and it can double as the container for the dressing, so you don’t have to use another recipient.

5. Fusionbrands Food Pod Silicone Cooking Basket


One thing I hate about boiling anything is the straining of the hot water and then having to pick out the items from the pot. Luckily for me and others in my predicament, there is a tool that allows to easily take out the boiled items and never have to fiddle with hot pots filled with hot water. This tool is the silicone cooking basket. Made out of temperature resistant silicone, it will allow you to place the items that you want to boil inside and put the entire sack in the pot.

This will allow all your items to boil properly and evenly and when they are done, just take out the entire bag. You can then take them out of the bag to serve them as you wish.

4. LG LMX25988ST Smart Refridgerator


This holiday season, you will most probably make lots of food, and you need lots of storage space for it. LG provides us with this wonderful refrigerator, packed full of state of the art technology. Behind its classy 4 door layout you will find a linear compressor, 6 thermal sensors and LED lights. On the outside, it features a water filter for the water dispenser and. Also, this smart fridge is eco friendly, having a very little power footprint, and its compressor is very well isolated so it makes next to no noise.

3. Spaghetti Measure


Spaghetti lovers will enjoy this little gadget! If you are like me, then you never know how much spaghetti to make and you end up with too much or too little. Well, not any more! This tool can measure exactly how much spaghetti you need for 1 up to servings. It’s incredibly simple to use and because of its small size, it’s easily stored. I believe that this little guy is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets I have ever seen! Say goodbye to those times when you wanted to make spaghetti for yourself and ended up with enough for 4!

2. Citrus clock


Although the technology is anything but new (it actually dates back 200 years), I’ve never seen this type of device until now. The citrus clock opens the hidden powers of citrus fruits (to conduct electrical current due to the acid in their juice) and the chemical reaction between zinc and copper. For powering the device, cut a lemon in two and place the two halfs in the electrodes and presto!

The electricity created by the oxidation of the two electrodes powered the clock. Also, this unusual battery last up to a week! Talk about “going green” – it’s time to go yellow!

1. LG LDE3017ST Electric Range


To help you out with all that cooking, you need a reliable stove that can handle a big workload. For this holiday season, a good present for yourself would be a good electric stove. With this stove, you can take your cooking to the next level. Allowing you to cook up to 5 items at the time and two separate ovens, you can cook your entire Christmas dinner in one go! This is all well and good, but this would consume a huge amount of power, right? No! The over is rated for 594 Kwh/year.

The future kitchen

As with all other technologies, the future holds many advances and surprises. For example, in the kitchen, where you would think that connecting your fridge to the Internet would be as far as it could go, developments are being made to transform it with the help of augmented reality. In this scenario, projectors and cameras are placed on the ceiling of the kitchen and they will detect everything in the kitchen and relay information to the chef. A new recipe, or information on how to file the fish or slice onions the right way are just a few examples.


Such a system is currently under development, and we hope to see it as soon as possible. For now, it features a digital assistant that can give you information and it will act as the “face” of the system but it can only help you achieve minor tasks. Nevertheless, this technology promises to reinvent the wheel, as it were, and make something as mundane as cooking an entirely new experience.

Your smart house has just got smarter with these great kitchen gadgets that will prove to be of great use in your culinary experiments. They will allow you to work faster, but at the same time, easier, so you will have a noticeable boost in productivity. All you need for the holiday season that has just started is right here. Now, you can focus on getting everyone the gifts they want.

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I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.