Many of us want our smartphones to be more than devices used for communication, playing games or keeping tabs on social networks. This is why developers are trying to make smartphones the very best news stations or music stations. Of course, you can have a radio app and listen to all the music you like, or a news app to see all the latest news and so one. But why not have one app that only lets you see exactly what interests you?

These are known as podcast apps. They allow you to read news, listen to music, watch videos that are picked by you. Also, you can download these podcasts (video and audio) and watch them when you want. This is something that radio will never achieve and this is why many are turning over to podcasts to get their news and other media.

Top 5 Podcast apps for Android

Some time ago, Google provided a podcast app, Google Listen, but due to some reasons, it was discontinued. Although discontinued, users of the app have gotten a taste for what podcasts are and how customizable they are. Developers have been working continuously to provide the best podcast app for Android users, and because of their continuous effort, we can find on the Play Store some apps that can be worthy of being called the best podcast apps.

5. OneCast – podcast simply


If you are the type that wants all his or hers apps to look the best, then OneCast is the app for you. It looks stunning! The UI has been designed so that you can quickly navigate through it and find podcasts with ease, but you won’t do this because you will stop and stare at it (at least that’s what I did). In terms of features, the app is pretty basic: it offers all the features that you might expect, but there is not much innovation taking place.

I do believe, however, that the developers are working to add more features and bring the app’s quality to the level of its graphics. When they will accomplish this, it will definitely go all the way to the top of or list. But, overall, it’s a good app, perfect for the occasional reader, and for a free app, it’s quite good.

4. Feed+ News & Podcast Reader


As far as free apps go, Feed+ News & Podcast Reader is probably the best one I’ve had. It does have a slightly counter-intuitive menu (only in certain parts of the app), but after a few minutes fiddling with the settings, it was up and running. You can add all your Google Reader feeds, or add custom feeds and manage them easily.

Overall, the app is quite fast, but the downloading of images takes a bit (at least it runs in background). It does not have an integrated video player, but I don’t find this a major issue. I’ve used BS Player to watch videos and it works flawless. I do encourage you to test out the app and see how it feels, I can honestly say it has surprised me.

3. Pocket Casts


The motto of this app is “Podcast listening finally made easier”. This is not quite true, because, the developers of this app also have made podcast listening, or rather the app itself, gorgeous! The interface of the app looks awesome, it navigates very easy and it’s blazing fast. Your phone is free from having to update your feeds, this is done on the app’s servers, making it faster than any other app I’ve seen.

Pocket Casts offers all the features that you might want a podcast app to have and more, many more. You should check this app out to see how well it’s designed and how fast it is, and at $3, I highly doubt that you will find anything better.

2. DoggCatcher Podcast Player


In order for a podcast app to become a great podcast app, it has to have good integration with other services, such as Google Reader, it has to be easy to add new feeds, easy to manage existing feeds and to have an overall simple and intuitive interface. DoggCatcher has all of the above, making it one of the best podcast apps I’ve had the pleasure to find.

Although the app is not free, I do believe that its worth is far bigger than its cost, so if you are in search for something that can manage your podcast feeds easily, then this app is the one you need. DoggCatcher has been with us for some time now, and the numerous users that are very pleased with the app should tell you that it represents a must have tool for all podcast users.

1. BeyondPod Podcast Manager


If I were to pick one podcast app to recommend for anyone, it would be this one. BeyondPod has some of the best features I have found in all the apps and it also is easy to use, with a very well designed interface. Also, other apps had some minor stability issues, but in all the time I’ve used BeyondPod, not once did I receive a force close or any other type of error. It does what it’s supposed to do, it runs very fast and you can rely on it to never fail you.

Also, you have the option to add Google Reader feeds or add your own custom feeds. Too bad the app only has a 7 day free trial, and afterwards you have to buy the key, but for what it’s worth, $8 is not that much and the app will make up for it without a doubt.

If you are a podcast lover, then these apps will certainly be perfect for you. You can use them to get your favorite content in a few seconds with no hustle. Also, if you use other apps that perform good, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Happy listening!

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