Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest comedians of the past centuries but when he mocked people, he mocked them intelligently. I remember him making fun of those who work with repeated tasks, doing the same thing over and over again. While machines have now taken the majority of those jobs, there are people who still have to do the same kind of tasks all day, on the computer.

Hygeia, a product developed by Purllow, was born with the purpose of automating boring computer chores and learning how to do it, in your place. In a few words, this application can be taught to arrange certain files, organize music, dynamically launch applications and a whole lot more, using a set of rules pre-defined by the administrator.


How can Hygeia simplify computer work

Hygeia is designed to simplify the way users maintain the computer and handle data, in each day. With the proper set of rules, it enables owners to automate day-to-day processes and resolve tasks in just a few clicks. When the parameters of a certain rule are met, Hygeia will react accordingly to your wishes and process files in the way you want it. Moreover, the software can analyze folders with a special feature called Watchers, which scans contents and activates rules when a pre-defined trigger is met.

The first and possibly the most important part of the game relates to rules. Making use of rules allows users to trigger an action, but only for the files highlighted by the administrator. As a basic comparison, once a rule is set, it will act as a filter and locates only the files desired. The filtering process can be done appealing to the following parameters:

  • Type of file – can locate a certain file by its type, whether it’s music, images, videos, subtitles, documents, shortcuts or folders
  • Name and extension – when the file you are looking for has a weird extension, you can set the program to search by extension or, by using parts of its name
  • Date – locating files can also be done by filtering after the date of creation, modification or even access
  • Misc attributes – can search files that are hidden/read-only/compressed
  • Only once – by activating this rule files will not be handled more than once
  • Size

computer.automationAfter creating rules, users will have to define actions and tell Hygeia what to do with the compatible files. In a few words, the software can copy/move files from a location to another, rename folders, recycle/delete data, resize images, open files or even launch applications.

Those who do not want to trust a machine to complete fragile moves will be happy to hear that Hygeia can ask before processing files or even ignore or postpone certain actions.

The last component of the system comes in the form of folder Watchers, which is basically a fancy word for folder rules active at all times. Users can actually choose to have a continuous form of monitoring over folders or even schedule a timely scan.

These Watchers can also be used just for one-time occasions and, for those wishing to quickly analyze folders, dragging them onto the Hygeia logo present on the main screen will activate all existing Watchers. Speaking of which, here’s how to create one:

    1. Start Hygeia.
    2. Choose Folder Watchers from the main panel and click on the + button.
    3. Now pick the folder you want to monitor and tell the software if you want to include sub-folders as well.


  1. Pick the rules you want to associate this Watcher with.
  2. Now check all the detail options regarding the type of scan and when to trigger the Watcher.
  3. Press OK.

Hygeia features and options

  • Resource efficient – while working in the background, Hygeia will not disturb users and consume few computer resources in the process
  • Easy to use – configuring Hygeia will not give users headaches, because the software can be easy to adjust and flexible in use. Rules, Watchers and every other active element are set as patterns, which can be applied individually to any folder or location desired.
  • Integrated with Facebook – Hygeia can upload pictured directly on the social network, making the sharing process a lot more easier
  • Data analyzers and operators – when the software takes a look at the contents of certain folders, users can set it to analyze certain parameters like the size of files, the date when a picture was taken and other things like that. Moreover, Operators can extract certain information from a file, like the name of the song or the duration of a video, and attribute it to another element.
  • MP3 compatible– Hygeia can arrange MP3 files basing on discrete attributes, like the name of the artist or the title of the album.
  • Supports external applications – although this is a feature included only in the PRO package, interested users can launch external applications or run a .bat file once a criteria has been met

Besides all of these, developers can even take advantage of the API package to build customizable rules in the .NET language and share them publicly.

Hygeia can be downloaded on any terminal running Windows XP/Vista/7/ or 2003/2008 Server editions, as long as .Net Framework 4.0 is installed. The package can be installed under two versions, Free and Pro (for $14.95), the first one being voided of some core features. Fortunately, there is a free trial for both of them.


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