With video cameras and equipment getting cheaper and more powerful by the day, many have started creating their own videos, documentaries or other video materials. To create something that will be noticed by others and captivate the audience, you will need some materials. Just like those who use Photoshop and need stock images, video creators need stock footage.

If you’ve seen news reports or documentaries, you will notice the videos that make them appealing: background videos or story-related videos, and for some users to capture such images is impossible. This is why they need to resort to buying the video material from those who shoot it. But this can be very expensive, and so, many are not able to use them.


Stock Footage can help you

Let’s take this example: you are creating a holiday documentary about the origins of Christmas (since we are in the jolly season), and you need some winter effects or winter footage to create the effect you are looking for. This kind of material can be purchased, but their prices can get pretty high.

Stock Footage For Free is a website that allows you to download for free such footage or effects that you can use on your projects, to make them look better and to add a more professional look to them. You can browse through their catalogue of free videos and stock footage and download high quality videos (full HD video in MOV format).

Also, the website offers a free collection of DVD templates and continuous loop backgrounds for Adobe After Effects, so you can create other media like DVD movies or even news reports. The only limit of what you can accomplish is your own imagination, so give it a try and start creating your own content.


The video content on the website is free to download, all you have to do is register and you are all set. If you are wondering what categories of videos are covered on the stockfootageforfree.com, take a look at this list:

  • Beaches & Water
  • Construction & Energy
  • Holidays
  • Looping Backgrounds
  • Mansions & Wealth
  • Nature
  • Seasonal
  • Sports
  • Time-Lapse
  • Transportation
  • US Cities/Locations
  • Production Music
  • Slow Motion
  • People

Free Stock Music


Stock Footage for Free also offers a music downloads section for those interested in creating video content. These can be added for intros, outros or just plain background music. There is an entire collection of music, so you can get creative and make music videos if you wish. The place to download the music tracks is Free Stock Music and it’s just like the sister website for music content.

Here, you can find any type of music you want, and use it for your own creations, free of charge. The tracks are available for download in mp3, wav and aiff formats, perfect for adding to any project.

As you can see, they have quite an extensive collection of videos and music that covers most of the areas that regular users need. Now, anyone can take to creating their own videos or any other type of video content, and by using these gorgeous videos, and also add soundtracks to their projects, they can create proper works of art. Try them out and let us know what you think of them, who knows, maybe you will be rewarded for your efforts and you might end up a movie director. Good luck!

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