The creators of Carbonite have tried to offer users more protection on their devices than anyone else. The service is not limited to smartphones, but you can backup your desktop computer, laptop or Mac also, and keep your files intact and safe.

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS, and setting it up is as simple as downloading the app and logging in to your account. Also, one feature that really caught my eye (literally) is something that I’ve never seen in any smartphone protection apps.


What makes Carbonite Mobile stand out?


After installing the Cabonite Mobile app, you will have to log in to your account, and from here on, the process is automated. It will immediately start backing up your photos and videos to their secure server, and you can access them from the website at any time. Also, from the website’s control panel, you will have other options for protecting your device, and when a file is deleted from your device, it will be automatically added to the “Archive” folder.

Other protection systems offer similar features, such as locating your device by using GPS tracking, locking the device with a PIN number, start ringing the device (this feature works even when the phone is set to vibrate or silent) or destroy all the data from the phone and restoring factory settings. But one feature that Carbonite has make it better than most other services.


From the website control panel, you have the possibility to take a picture of the person using it via the front facing camera. This option can be of great use when your device is stolen, or when you lose your device. However, I did encounter a problem with this service, in the sense that it did not recognize my front facing camera, but this might be a remote problem.

All the services that are provided by Carbonite are top of the line, and so, we think that the app should be used by everyone who wants their devices secure, their personal data safe and in the unfortunate event that the device is stolen users can implement a number of measures to ensure the safe return of the stolen item:


  • wiping the device
  • turning the alarm on
  • locating the device
  • blocking the device

Of course, these are great options, but by giving authorities a picture of the culprit, you are more likely to find your smartphone.

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