Christmas is only days away, and if some of you haven’t made those reservations, now it’s the right time to do it. If you have thought of a city or a special place where you want to celebrate it, then you might be in need of a good booking. Nevertheless, the Internet is at your disposal, and it will give all the information you need.

The first thing you need before you go in vacation is to book a place at a hotel. This would seem as a simple task, but when you don’t know what hotels are in the area you are staying and what the rates are, then there could be a problem and you might be in for a surprise.

9 hotel search engines for a perfect stay

A hotel search engine is a good tool to use in such an occasion. These websites offer you information about hotels depending on the area and they allow you to find a place to stay that meets your expectations and your budget. Of course, they also allow you to book rooms for the period you are interested in.



Very similar to other booking websites featured in this top, is a great way to make your reservations in any part of the world for your next Holiday trip. The website is available in up to 15 languages and it supports almost any currency, so you can make a budget and keep it without converting all the time.

Also, it allows you to filter your results by a number of criteria, including specific areas of a city. The website is easy to use, fast and reliable, so if you are ever in a hurry to find a hotel, can give you a helping hand. Also, you can search for deals to make the most of your trip by spending less.

8. Hotwire


Hotwire represents a complete travel planner that shows you not only hotels, but flights, activities, vacation planners, and much more. This service is perfect for those who wish to plan their entire trip on one single website and not to worry about anything else.

Hotwire also shows the best deals in accommodations and transportation, and by using these tools, you are able to create the perfect holiday, and keep some money for souvenirs. The website is incredibly convenient, even allowing you to search for car rentals and other facilities where you are going.

7. Google Hotel Finder


Google’s services are usually beyond reproach, and their hotel search engine holds true to that remark. The service is top of the line Google quality, with a very interesting and unique search method. Set your destination and Google Maps will open, allowing you to set a region where you wish to stay, and it will give you all the hotels in that area.

Most of them have price and room availability information, but not all. Also, most of them have user reviews and facilities information. However, the service is not as complete as the others in this list, but anyway, it is a great resource for finding all the hotels in a particular area.

6. Room Key


Are you a frequent traveler? If so, a service like Room Key is something that you will thanks to its reward system that gives you loyalty points depending on how much you stay in one hotel that you have booked from the service. You can later use these points to get different rewards which will make your next trips more pleasurable.

The website is very slick and elegant, but it sometimes lets down on results, not showing all the hotels in a particular region. The results you receive can be viewed on the interactive map powered by Google Maps, and you can read reviews of the hotels from Tripadvisor.

5. Hotels Combined


Hotels Combined is one of the best search engines for hotels I have had the pleasure to use over time. Its simple, elegant and easy to use interface allows users to find what accommodations they need, filter through the results by facilities, price other criteria, look at pictures of the hotel and see ratings of other that have stayed there.

Also, the website is customized by country, so you will see the results in your language and in your own currency, making it easier to find the best place for you to stay. Another strong point of the hotel search engine is the next to zero loading time of the results.


hotels-com is a service that needs no introduction. It is one of the best known websites for searching for accommodations in any part of the world. It has a very simple user interface that you can use to set up your search criteria and you can also look for deals on specific dates such as Christmas or summer vacations, and you will find the best places and rates.

If discount Holidays are what you are looking for, then is a great place to start. Also, by using this service, you will have the possibility to earn loyalty points that you can use on your next trips to get free nights at hotels.

3. Laterooms


For your vacation, you will need a good and reliable booking website, to make your reservations in time. Laterooms is the perfect service to use when searching for accommodations on a short notice, and also, if you wish to see what other think of a specific hotel, you have the possibility to filter the results by user reviews. Of course, other searching methods are present, such as price, facilities and accommodation type. For your winter Holiday, you will have lots of choices to make, and Laterooms will help you find them very easily.

2. Tripadvisor


Tripadvisor is one of the best and most complete travel planners you will ever find. Apart from the part of finding a hotel, comparing prices, seeing what facilities it has and viewing photos, you can read reviews done by those who have stayed there, and what impressions they had.

Also, Tripadvisor gives you information on places to visit, restaurants and tourist attractions. All the information is free, and you can even access it from the Tripadvisor smartphone application. The website is easy to use, the UI is very responsive and intuitive, so you can find anything really fast.


booking-com is probably the world’s best know website where users can search for hotels in different areas of the world. It provides you with the possibility to search and book rooms, compare prices and sort results by a number of factors, including what features your hotel room will have. Also, is available in most languages (41 to be exact) and it allows you to set what ever currency you wish. For those of you who are traveling from place to place, the website also offers smartphone apps, so you can always book a room, anywhere you are.

Now that you have where to stay, it’s time to look at what travel gadgets you will be bringing along with you. These websites will offer you detailed information about all the hotels in an area, and you will be able to find the perfect deals for your next vacation.

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