Staying informed is something that everyone can do these days. Our Internet enabled smartphones and tablets are always connected to the web and they can fetch the best news and show us the latest headlines at any time and with next to no effort. And because smartphones and tablets are getting more powerful with each generation, they offer the way to easily get the news that interest you the most.

We’ve featured the best news apps for Android, and now we look at some of the best apps for iOS users. Apps that will keep them informed and that will allow users to create their own news feeds with only the headlines that they want and from the sources they like.


Top 6 iOS News Apps

News apps should be able to bring you all the news that matter to you. They have to let you choose what categories and areas that interest you and filter the headlines based on your preferences. Most news apps have this feature, and we hope that future updates will let all apps provide quality services to those that use them.

6. News RepublicNews-Republic1

News Republic is a very good looking app that allows users to create custom news feeds where they can add only the news that matter to them. This gives it a personal touch and makes it much more intuitive and simple to use. Also, users have the possibility to share their news via social networks or email.

News Republic has a very simple to use interface, this makes it much more faster and the content is very well organized, giving it a clean look that is easy to read or navigate. Users of the app can also rate news and see other ratings, this makes it easier to find the best news. Also, the developers of News Republic, offer a wide variety of news apps that you should check out. One more app will be featured in this top.

5. News360: Your Personalized News ReaderNews360-Your-Personalized-News-Reader

News360 got its name because it can do something that no other apps can do: it learns and provides better services. This app does not need you to customize the news feed or add certain websites because it analyzes your browsing patterns and your social networks and learns what interests you the most. By knowing this, News360 compiles a list of preferences and only gives you content that is important to you.

Also, for top news, the app does something even more interesting: it searches for other websites that have published that story and it generates a complete article with all the information and pictures from all of them. This is what makes the app truly 360!

4. Appy Geek – tech newsAppy-Geek-tech-news

The second app from Mobiles Republic in this top, Appy Geek is one of the best news apps for technology news. It has also been featured in our top of the best Android news apps and this is definite statement of how of an app it is. Its functionality is flawless, it looks gorgeous and gives users the possibility to add almost any category they want.

One drawback of the app is the fact that it does not allow users to add their own feeds, but to honest, after using the app for some time, I have not felt the need to add or remove any of the news suppliers that the app has.

 3. Google Currents


Google has accustomed us with top notch quality services for a long time and their Currents app is no exception to this rule. Google Currents allows users to create custom news feeds and add as many providers as they want. This makes the app highly customizable and extremely easy to use.

The design of the app is also very good, its user interface is very intuitive and friendly to its users, with an overall clean look that does not feel cluded at all. You can select a specific news provider to see all their headlines, or just sift through your feed as you would in a regular news app. The build quality and impressive design make Google Currents one of the best iOS news apps of all.

2. Zite Personalized MagazineZite-Personalized-Magazine

When it comes to simplicity and ease of use, there are few apps that come close to Zite. You only have to select the areas you are interested in and you are done! Zite will collect the very best news and show them to you in a clean style, that is very easy to use and navigate.

In addition, you can also connect your Google Reader account to the app, and by linking it, you will have at your disposal more customized news, from the providers that you already follow on the Google service. This almost eliminates the need for having the Google app and you can still see all the best headlines from your favorite websites.

1. Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social ReaderPulse-Your-News-Blog-Magazine-and-Social-Reader

Pulse News is one of the most recognizable news apps of all, and it is no wonder that it occupies the very top place in our countdown of the best iOS news apps. The service has impeccable performance and looks to rival the very best looking apps.

It contains all the features that one might need, allowing you choose from a wide variety of categories, know news providers and websites, but also add your own feeds and create your own categories. The app is highly customizable and this is beyond reproach. Thanks to this, we name it the best iOS news app!

Having these apps on your iPhone or iPad will make it very easy to find news and headlines that interest you. Also, because they allow a high degree of customization, you can choose the sources that you like and filter the news to suit your preferences. If you like them, share them with your friends, so they can also benefit from them. Also, if you know and use other news apps that are good and you think they should be featured here, let us know by leaving a comment.

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