Communication is changing at unbelievable speeds – humanity has evolved from carvings in caves to free talks over the Internet. More than that, we now have mobile apps for our smartphones and tablets that help us in our daily tasks. Some of them are very ingenious and useful, such as Voicee, for example: an application that lets you send and receive voice messages.

To put it shortly, Voicee acts like a voicemail, but without the extra costs. Android users, however, will be disappointed right from the start, because currently, Voicee is available only for iOS devices and requires at least iOS 4.3 to run. And with just 4MB, it won’t eat up too much of your device’s storage.


A new type of voicemail, but free

Speaking of Android users, they have a neat application that allows them to send and receive SMS on their desktop, so they shouldn’t be too let down with the unavailability of Voicee for Google’s mobile OS. Another awesome thing that Voicee does is that it basically revives the concept of voicemail. I don’t know about you, but I always hated when my friends had voicemail activated.

I was almost 100% sure that they won’t read my voicemails, so why did they enable it in the first place, right? But the most annoying fact was that it also consumed my talk time/credit. So, those that always wanted to use the voicemail in a smart and free way, your solution is now here.

Voicee has a bold objective – to change the way we communicate with our friends or colleagues. So, everything’s very simple inside Voicee – there’s a single screen where you can also keep track of the previously sent or received voice messages. Also, the messages are asynchronous which means you won’t have to wait until somebody “picks up the phone”. Voicee is

more personal than texting and less intrusive than a phone call

And you’d think that voice messages can be left only to those that are also Voicee users. No, sir. You only need a phone number and an email address to hear the message. The Voicee servers automatically sends a link where it can be listened. So, if you have a Flash-enabled browser, you’ll be able to reply straight from your desktop PC or laptop.

However, a true Voicee experience can be achieved only between Voicee users, that’s granted. To make peace between Android and iOS, here are a few other free voicemail apps that you should definitely check out:



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