This year at CES we’ve seen some awesome new tech come out, covering pretty much everything that runs on electricity. As you know, we’re doing live coverage from CES 2013 and we continue our presentation with some of the best smartphone and tablet accessories that were presented this year.

All manufacturers have been very busy the past year, and now they have something to show for it. From the new-comers to the multinational companies, everyone has upped their game and the stakes have been higher. Now, let’s take a look at what awesome accessories the CES convention has in store for us.

Headphones and Headsets

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses


One of the best gadgets we’ve seen at CES 2013 are the Smart Glasses manufactured by Vuzix. The M100 can connect wirelessly to a Android device and provide the wearer with a eye level display where he can launch apps and do all the other tasks that the phone does. The integrated sound piece also allows the wearer to receive and send calls.

Scosche REALM Series Headphones


Scosche have been manufacturing awesome audio equipment for some time now, and this year at CES they’ve managed to put out a new series of over-the-head headphones as well as in-ear designs. The build quality of the headphones is amazing, the sound is crystal clear and they look awesome. Nice job Scosche!

Burton AcoustiBuds


When other headphone manufacturers are going for premium prices, Burton Technologies are at the other end of the pool with good quality earbuds that will not burn a hole in your pockets. At CES 2013 we’ve seen the new design of these in-ear headphones which is said to be perfect for using when jogging thanks to their new clipping mechanism for the cables and their unique design of the earbud.

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Studio Headset by Monster


The partnership between Monster and Nokia seems to be very fruitful, and the new headphones produced by them stand witness to this. Featuring auto on-off Bluetooth and Nokia Purity noise cancellation technologies, these state of the art headphones are the at the leading edge of sound technology.

BlueAnt Q3


At CES 2013 BlueAnt have unveiled their third generation Q-series headsets. The device has a awesome design but also quite a bit of tech inside it. Wind cancellation, superior sound quality and up to 100 hours of standby time are the main features of the device, and it’s price has also gone down by $30, now hovering at the $99 mark.


foxL DASH 7 Speaker


This year at CES we’ve seen a lot of innovation in portable gadgets, but as tiny as these got, one company managed to impress everyone. The gadget that we are talking about is the foxL DASH 7 seaker, a portable wireless speaker that is no larger than your smartphone. Also, the developers have managed to shrink all the components without sacrificing sound quality.

Scosche boomBottle


Scosche have definitely impressed everyone at CES this year with some awesome audio equipment, and the boomBottle shows that they have lots of imagination when it comes to designing speakers. The device is very rugged, waterproof speaker that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and can keep going for up to 10 hours. The speaker was designed to perfectly fit in the bottle holder of your bike, so you can take it everywhere with you. Also feature in our Coolest Gadgets at CES 2013 top.

Pure Jongo S340B


With a single tap on your iPad or iPhone you will be able to control your Pure Jongo 360 degree wireless speaker and stream any audio content you like. Also, if you want more power, you can easily add another speaker. They connect via WiFi or Bluetooth so users can fill their house with these devices and control all of them in one go, or have different tracks in different rooms.

Bem Wireless Speaker Trio


Wireless speakers are all over the place this year at CES, and one of the most interesting designs is the Bem Wireless Speaker Trio which allows the user to split it into three different speakers and place them around the house. For charging, all you need to do is return them to the dock and place them on the connector. The sound system integrates perfectly in every household and it’s controlled by an iPhone or iPad.

Zagg Origin


One of the most difficult decisions you encounter when buying speakers is weather to go for a desktop design or a portable speaker. At CES 2013, Zagg Origin has put a stop to this choice by creating a 2 in 1 desktop speaker that incorporated a portable speaker also. The tiny portable device fits snugly in the back of the desktop speaker and when connected, it transfers the sound to its bigger brother while it charges for another 10 hour playback session.

Sony NFC Enabled Speakers


We’ve previously talked about these wireless speakers presented by Sony at CES 2013. There are 4 models that were presented at the convention, all of them having wireless connectivity. Sony has managed to cover all price ranges with these speakers, from the low end up the high end premium designs.

Other Ingenious Gadgets

iLuv MultiCharger-X


If every member of your household has an iPad, you will like this gadget. The MultiCharger-X produced by iLuv allows iPad owners to safely store, charge and sync up to 10 tablets at a time. The MultiCharger also doubles as a secure place to store your iPads when in transit, but by far its best feature is the quick charge feature, and if you are worried that your iPads are going to overheat, fear not, as the MultiCharger features a cooling system.

Eton BoostSolar solar-powered backup battery


Also presented at CES 2013 was the Eton BoostSolar battery pack. This device allows users to harness the power of the Sun and convert it into electricity which they can use to power their mobile devices. The solar power kit has a MicroUSB charging port that will charge pretty much any compatible device and its integrated battery is replaceable, so you can change more than one and keep them for rainy days.

MOCET Communicator


We all know that video phones don’t have the video quality that we’d like, and thanks to the MOCET Communicator we can enjoy high quality VoIP video calls by using the iPad as the screen. The device is compatible with all models of iPad and it can also be linked via Bluetooth to an iPhone for remote control and media streaming.



Hitcase is a brand new design for a hard shell-like iPhone case that allows its users to take their smartphones and capture video from the most extreme sports. The case is waterproof and it can go underwater up to 10 meters deep. Also, it protects the iPhone inside thanks to its hard shell, and it can also be worn with the chest mount, for filming at the best angles and freeing your hands.

iBaby Monitor M2


This device featured at CES 2013 features a circular magnetic camera that is held on its stand by magnets and can transmit data to your iPhone at any time. Also, the device features a two way radio that helps parents keep an eye on their babies at all times. Its cool design, ease of use and quality materials makes it a perfect choice for any parents.

iSmart Alarm


Home security has not been overlooked at CES 2013 and the iSmart Alarm has received a lot of attention. The device has the form of a cube that connects to your home wireless network and allows you to add motion sensors, cameras and window and door sensors. All of the different sensors connect to the CubeOne and from here it’s sent to your iPhone, where you can arm or disarm it any time.

iMusic BodyRhythm


A kickstarter project that was showcased at CES this year really caught our eye. The iMusic BodyRhythm is device that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and lets you relax at the sound of your favorite tunes, but with a twist: it massages you at the same rhythm of your music, making it both a great relaxation tool and a way to experience your music in a new way.



gTar is one of the most interesting Kickstarters that were presented at CES this year. The device is a fully functional guitar which can house a iPhone (up to iPhone 4S) and help you learn and play with the help of LED lit keys. The concept is truly unique and iPhone users will have lots of fun with it. Also, a version for iPhone 5 is under development.



VivoPlay is a tracking device that allows parents to keep an eye on where their kids are at all times, but unlike other GPS trackers, this little fellow also allows the wearer to get in touch with others. The small tracking device has GSM capabilities and parents can load up to 5 numbers to the device, and when the kids want to get in touch with them, they can call them from the tracker. Also, information on the location of the wearer is also transmitted.

Zagg Caliber Advantage


No matter how good gaming is on the iPhone, the touch interface is nothing compared to the feel that a normal gaming controller offers. This year at CES, Zagg has offered us a glimpse of a new way of gaming. The Caliber Advantage is a iPhone compatible gaming console that mounts on the back of the smartphone and extends to reveal two analog sticks, a D-pad and the four action buttons that we know and love.

iON Audio Scratch 2 Go


Of all the iPad accessories seen at CES, one of most awesome was the iON Audio Scratch 2 Go . To be honest, this is not one accessory, but a 5-in-1 gadget that uses suction cups to stick on your iPad’s screen and give DJs the tactile feedback they need to create music on their iPads. One other cool aspect is the fact that the gadget will work with pretty much any app that has a matching layout of the controls.



Out of all the usual items in our homes, the last one you’d expect to become a “smart item” would be the humble fork. Well, at CES 2013, the Smart Fork has become a reality! The device tracks how rapidly you eat and it starts vibrating if you are eating too fast. The developers of the device say that it can be used to lose weight, because eating too fast is a factor of weight gain, so by measuring the time between bites, it will let you know that you should eat more slowly.

Plair HDMI Streaming Device


Although such tech has existed for some time now, Plair has gone to the next level by releasing an entire line of wireless streaming HDMI adapters. These connect to the HDMI port of your TV and you can stream via WiFi any kind of video content, from entire movies to YouTube videos. It’s sleek design is awesome and its accessible price ($99) will make it a great addition to your multimedia gadgets.

hippih Bluetooth-powered hipKey


Losing stuff will quickly become a thing of the past. At CES 2013 a Bluetooth 4.0 device was featured that could connect to your iPhone and become a very useful tracker. The device is fairly small in size, but when you activate it via the iOS app, it can vibrate or sound an alarm which will make finding your stuff very easy. Also, you can use the tracker to find your iOS device if needed.

Kensington Proximo


The system that was presented at CES 2013 by Kensington allows owners of iPhone 5 and 4S to have an extra level of security against theft of loss of their device. After pairing the tracker via Bluetooth 4.0, the small tracker will sound an alarm when it is separated from the smartphone. This system will allow owners of smartphones to notice when their device is no longer in their possession.

GeoPalz Ibitz


Although personal trackers are by no means a novelty, the GeoPalz Ibitz offers a different approach to the problem of kids not wanting to wear the tracker. By using it, they will be able to earn points which can be used to unlock levels on different games and win prizes on Amazon. The device is also useful for adults, and it connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to other health monitoring devices to give them health statistics.



It’s astonishing how many bags and luggage are misplaced and lost by airlines around the world, and for flyers to feel safe and know that their luggage is with them, at CES 2013 a new device was presented that can notify you where your baggage is. The device is lightweight and it has a slim body, perfectly suited for travelling. It can send an email or text message to your phone when you have arrived at your destination telling you that your luggage is also there.

As you can see, a big number of gadgets were presented at the CES convention in Las Vegas this year. They range from headphones and all the way up to luggage trackers and thanks to the constant implication of the developers, these will only get better and better with time. We can hardly wait for the next CES convention to see what awesome gadgets will be featured then.

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I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.