Many of the electronics manufacturers have tried to revolutionize home entertainment with state of the art technology and awesome gadgets that take home media to the next level. This year at CES we’ve seen some awesome gadgets intended to make home entertainment better and provide users with a new experience.

All of the big names in electronics have been hard at work to step up a notch and we’ve seen some big improvements in this field. Home entertaining has never been better and the future looks bright as all of them are showing off awesome concepts. We can say that the future of home entertainment is wireless and in 4K ultra high definition.

The best home entertainment gadgets from CES 2013


This year at CES there were lots of TV’s showcased, each better than the last and with bigger displays that showed higher resolutions and crystal clear images than ever before. It’s safe to assume that the TV market is going towards 4K resolutions and the technology is advancing towards LED-based displays. OLED displays were everywhere, some having awesome features like touch-screen capability or facial recognition.

If you are up to date with our CES coverage, then you’ve seen our presentations of some of the biggest companies in the business and you’ve seen what they have offered. Here is a quick recap of some of the best screens we’ve seen this year at CES:


To Sony’s Bravia series were added a couple of awesome 4K UHD TV models that will be available shortly as well as a concept for a 56” OLED display which we hope to hit the shelves as soon as possible. These TVs coupled with Sony’s idea of a 4K Video Distribution Service will be able to bring UHD resolutions to much more consumers.

In terms of home entertainment, Sony also unveiled a new series of Blu-Ray players, some of these models are 3D compatible and all of them show full HD video. Also, there are plans for a 4K compatible Blu-Ray player to be launched. We’ve seen the device but for the moment being, it is limited by the lack of 4K content available.


One more device that can help you achieve the perfect home entertainment setup is Sony’s smart remote with speech recognition and fully illuminated QWERTY keyboard which is compatible with Google TV.

And what home setup would be complete without a media hub that can store your photos and videos and stream them wirelessly to your smart TV? Sony’s NFC-enabled Personal Hub does exactly that so you can easily share content between devices and keep all your personal media in one place.

An integral part of home entertainment is sound. This year at CES we’ve seen some of the best sound systems ever produced to be unveiled. Sony have delighted us with some of these devices in the form of their wireless speakers with NFC compatibility ranging from the ultra portable to the very high end premium speakers. If you want to know more about what Sony has released this year, please check out our presentation of Sony at CES 2013.


LG has stepped up with a gorgeous product called LG WRGB OLED TV which adds a white pixel to the regular RGB format, a feature they say will allow the screen to show more vivid colors. The device is also only 4 millimeters thin and it weighs around 10 Kg and it will be available in 55”, 65” and bigger versions starting from a price of $12,000.

One other product that caught our eye (or rather our entire field of view) was LG’s 84” 4K TV. This device is absolutely huge and its picture quality is breathtaking. Despite all this image quality, there is little to no content available to fully take advantage of this, but we hope that the in the near future this will change. Also, its estimated price will be around…wait for it….$20,000.

If the prices above have somewhat put you off, rejoice at the fact that LG is planning on producing some HDTV LCD and Plasma TVs which will have more reasonable prices. These will range from small size 22” and all the way up to 60” and they will have some appealing features.


A very awesome toy that LG also has released was its Laser Projector, which has the possibility to show a full HD 100-inch 1920×1080 resolution image from only half a meter away. The LG Hecto as it’s called, is a high-quality solution for those who want to view content on a big screen.

One other home entertainment gadget that LG has unveiled is the new Smart Remote, which is capable of controlling other devices in the house, as well as your smart TV. It can be considered a universal-smart-remote, although it works with specific devices such as a home theater or as we’ve mentioned, a smart TV. The device has speech recognition which makes changing channels a breeze.

For more information on LG’s lineup of TVs and other tech, take a look at our coverage of their press release at CES 2013.


Samsung has never disappointed when it comes to home media devices. They are renowned for their excellent TVs and media players and this year at CES, we’ve seen some awesome products from this manufacturer.

Starting off with what this company is best at, TVs, Samsung has unveiled at CES 2013 a host of awesome devices that left us speechless. Starting with the S9 floating TV that has 3D capability and 4K resolution that comes in two flavors, 85” and 110”, and can make your home entertainment system something to marvel at and right up to the F8500, a plasma screen that promises the best colors and true blacks you have ever seen.


To top it off, Samsung has taunted us with one of coolest TV concepts of all: the OLED Curved Display. This jewel of modern technology uses an OLED back panel that is curved, making for more immersive experience and removing edge distortion and quality loss in 3D. This beauty, however, has no release date or pricing, but we can hardly wait for it to come out.

Samsung also offered its users a gadget that could take their home entertainment system to the next level, literally. The Samsung Evolution Kit is a device that can upgrade last generation Samsung Smart TVs to the very latest technology. This comes as a much needed feature in the world of TVs, as until now there was no possibility for users to upgrade their equipment. The device is still a concept, and pricing and availability yet to be determined, but the device will be priced around the $500 mark.

Other Home Entertainment Gadgets

Belkin WeMo Switch


The designers from Belkin took some time and invested in providing smart solutions for users who want to create a smart house that is both beautiful and economic. What they’ve come up with is the WeMo Switch, a device that allows you to use your Android or iOS device to control all the lights in your house. Also, users can set lighting schedules or set the lights to turn on with your alarm.

Greenwave Reality WiFi Light Bulbs


If the solution from Belkin is not appealing to you, then this technology will certainly will. These state of the art LED light bulbs have an integrated WiFi antenna and it can connect to your mobile device and you can control them via the dedicated app. The system allows you to control each individual light bulb or create groups for different areas in your home.

Voxx Wireless Home Audio System


Voxx International has created an awesome home audio system that allows you to create playlists and stream music to all the rooms in your house independently. The system is controlled via the Voxx software or from any iOS device connected to the network. You can stream music via WiFi or AirPlay.

Tethercell Smart Battery


The idea behind this technology is that you can turn off devices remotely by using your Android or iOS smartphone. The special enclosure fitted with a WiFi antenna accepts an AA battery and the entire device can be used to power anything that works on a AA battery.

Philips Fidelio HTL 9100


Sound bars look good, but users of these devices have to sacrifice 5.1 surround sound in order to use them. Philips has put an end to this sacrifice by creating a sound bar with detachable speakers that can be placed in the back of the room to offer full 5.1 surround sound. The 46” long wireless speakers offer 10 hours of playback time and they have integrated Bluetooth for wireless streaming from mobile devices.



ASUS is offering users a device that integrates Google TV seamlessly. The ASUS Qube comes with a dedicated remote and it will be available for users from March of 2013. As for pricing, the device is said to be around $150. For more information on other ASUS products, take a look at our ASUS CES 2013 coverage.

This year at CES we’ve seen countless gadgets for perfecting your home entertainment system, many more than we could feature in this post. Also, for those who only now are tuning in to our CES 2013 coverage, please check our other stories where you will find the very best gadgets and the newest technologies of this year. A full list of our CES coverage can be found here.

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