Remember how charmed we all were with Angry Birds when the game first came around? I mean, it wasn’t as if there was something staggeringly path-breaking in the game – it was just the fact that the game was so easy to play, had a decidedly eccentric plot (pigs stealing eggs from birds!!) and while it did not feature cutting-edge, realistic graphics was definitely very easy on the eye and pleasant enough to play.

Well, take away the wacky plot, and Crazy Boxes for iOS devices has pretty much the same appeal. Your job is simple – you are given an arsenal of weapons and your task is to bump off every face that pops out of a set of boxes that have been stacked neatly on racks – and they popping in and out with stunning frequency. Sounds like your typical arcade shooter, right? Too true. Only there is a spin here. To be able to hit your target, you have to get it in the centre of your weapon’s cross-hairs. And to do that, you do not have to hit any direction keys, but actually move your device!


So, in essence, what you end up doing is moving your iPhone or iPod touch around just as if it were a gun, tapping the screen to fire off shots when you have the face-in-the-box dead in your sights. It can take some getting used to, and can be really tough when you are aiming at the lower boxes but take our word for it, you will find yourself moving your device around literally taking pot shots at every funny face that springs out of the boxes on the rack. There is a varied arsenal at your disposal – there is the standard ball shooter that spits out a ball at a time, a volley option that shoots balls non-stop, a fire ball that hits a number of boxes in an area at one go and an ice ball that freezes all the faces as they pop out, letting you knock them off before they melt.


The Achilles Heel? Well, there is nothing really to play for, no real story line. Crazy boxes is just a points accumulation game and you can go on and on, knocking faces off for a specific period of time or just for as long as you want. You can purchase more special shots from a store with the coins you accumulate with your shooting (and even with real money – this is a freemium game, after all), and can also shell out some coinage to unlock the “super” difficulty level (you get to play “low” and “normal” ones free).

The graphics are good, the sound interesting, but what is going to really grab your attention in Crazy Boxes is the gameplay. It is a bit like Clay Pigeon shooting with an iPhone. Yes, you can play it on your iPad too, but we would really, really, REALLY recommend you play it on your iPhone or iPod touch, simply because those devices are so much easier to move. It is a 24.6 MB free download, and in our book, well worth it. We are not sure you will end up paying cash to unlock extra stuff in it, but we will wager you will find yourself returning to it again and again, just for the gameplay.

Available from: iTunes App Store 
Price: Free

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2 thoughts on “DailyApp: Crazy Boxes (iOS) – Shoot ‘em Up with your iPhone/iPad

  1. Great review! I’m really in love with this game, the art work, the store..! I like to move myself to shoot the boxes, is so funny!

  2. You say that Crazy Boxes is only for iOS , but I have downloaded it in my Samsung Galaxy Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire too! (Android devices 🙂 )

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