CES 2013 has just closed and we’ve seen many projects at the Las Vegas event that were the fruits of Kickstarter. Some of them have appeared there as fully funded projects while others are still looking to get financial support. What’s obvious is that Kickstarter is making a change and that more and more companies, small, I’ll agree here, have started to appear on the market. And this is great news!

One such company is Sense, yet another Kickstarter project that wants to win over our hearts with the connectivity idea. There aren’t too many groundbreaking things in this project, but it’s dead simple and very easy to use. Its purpose? To connect the physical world around us with the Internet.

Know always what’s happening home with Sense

The idea behind the Sense wireless sensor is very simple – you place it somewhere and it lets you be in control of that place. Do you have a special room where your plants are and you need to know always what’s the temperature inside? Sense can do that. To summarise, it can inform you about changes of the following physical attributes:

  • Temperature
  • Angle
  • Light
  • Vibration
  • Humidity

You can also place the Sense sensors outdoors because they are water resistant. The sensors will work hundreds of feets from the base station (no exact amount has been specified), using a ZigBee-powered Wi-Fi network. That same base station can be used to recharge the sensors which have an astonishing battery life of 6 months between charges. You can connect your base station to your home network to receive all the feeds that the sensors provide.


The Sense Management Portal is the cloud storage for Sense which relies on Windows Azure and receives the data sent from the base station. Along with DoorBot, this gadget makes home surveillance a pleasure. With it you can integrate the obtained information with the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Nest Thermostats
  • ISY automation systems
  • SMS messages and more

To put it in plain English, let’s say that the temperature in your baby’s room has went down. You can “instruct” the Management Portal to inform you via the above mentioned ways. And Stefan Gordon informs us that a computer isn’t even required for all this!



What’s even better about this is that the developers are working on bringing infrared (motion detection) and NFC. Perhaps then, it will seriously challenge such products as Twine or NinjaBlocks.


You can pledge from 5 to 249 dollars. Head on the Kickstarter page to get more details about how you can back up this project.

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