CES 2013 was full of water-proofing and water-resisting technologies for gadgets. We saw at-least four different companies promising water-proofing solutions for smartphones, in addition to multitude of cases and gadget accessories. None of them amazed us more than the HzO WaterBlock technology which protects the gadgets from water, humidity and other liquids.


For the uninitiated, HzO WaterBlock is like a transparent shield, which is a coating of bonded molecules that seals the internal components of electronic devices. As you can see in the video demo below, it works inside out, even with the back panel open and batteries exposed.

The person at HzO booth carelessly immersed the coated Samsung Galaxy smartphone into a bowl of water, a bowl of Bud Light beer and even into a bowl of Powerade! They use a proprietary machine to coat their magic solution inside and outside the smartphone. This involves a lot of work and hence, they plan to work with the manufacturers directly, instead of working with the consumers (which obviously would incur more cost and time).

I just can’t wait to see WaterBlock technology put into my next smartphone off the blocks. The HzO personnel told us that the first smartphone to come out with WaterBlock will be Tag Heuer’s luxury phone expected to be announced in April 2013. For me, personally, HzO WaterBlock demo was by far, one of the coolest things I saw at CES 2013.


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