An Android firewall is a tool that should not miss from your device, if it’s connected to the Internet. They help users by filtering incoming and outgoing packets of data, allowing only the ones that do not pose a risk to the user. Their usefulness is undeniable, but in order to find a good one, the user must do a little digging first.

This is why we’ve put together this list of Android firewall applications, in order to help users protect their devices against malware or other dangerous content on the Internet. All devices are at risk from being infected and have their data compromised, but smartphones and tablets have a bigger risk, mainly due to the amount of personal information they hold. However, if you’ve got installed a good antivirus tool on your Android, it should be able to protect your device. A firewall is not a basic requirement for your security, but it definitely increases your protection.

What are the best Android firewall apps?


The Google Play Store has some great Android firewall apps, and like in all cases, some are better than others. In the following list, we’ll be taking a look at some of them in the hope of making your choice easier. Be careful, though, because some of these require your Android device to be rooted.

8. Firewall Builder – This Android firewall app is great for those who have some knowledge of Internet protocols. It is not that easy to use, but it certainly does its job
7. Network firewall – Offering basic features, this firewall app for Android devices has a great design and a simple interface that users will find easy to use
6. JW Firewall – In a sense, this app is not a firewall in the traditional sense of the word, but rather a SMS/Call blocker which allows users to create blacklists and not get bothered by anyone they don’t want to
5. AFWall+ (Android Firewall) – If you are interested in a Android firewall that supports a high level of customization, then this is the app for you
4. Mobiwol: Firewall without root – As opposed to many other Android firewall apps, this one does not require root, but still offers all the features that the users need most
3. Android Firewall – Very simple to use and very effective when users what a good Android firewall to block access to certain apps
2. Root Firewall Free – Allows the user to block or allow Internet connectivity to any app, and create different permissions over WiFi and data plan
1. DroidWall – Android Firewall – A simple to use Android firewall that allows users to set up what apps can use the Internet (both WiFi and 3G)

More apps that deserve your attention


Also, besides the firewall apps featured above, some users might be interested in some security apps that have a firewall built in. As we previously said, a firewall is not a requirement for your Android security. Although not all Android antivirus apps have this feature, some of them do have some level of network filtering. Here they are:

These apps are best for those that do a lot of browsing, as they support the Safe browsing feature, which is very similar to what an Android firewall would do. They scan web pages and compare them to an online database and let you know if there is anything out of place.

By using Android firewall apps and Internet security app, users of mobile devices are less at risk of having their phones and tablets be infected by viruses, malware or unauthorized access. We strongly urge users to be very cautious and take measures to protect the information that is stored on their mobile devices.

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