When it comes to word games, one’s options are pretty much restricted to either those that make you scrabble around a sea of letters, seeking to make words, guessing words, or placing words on a digital board and adding up points. In simple words, if you have played the likes of WELDER, Scrabble and Hangman, you pretty much have covered most of word-based gaming on the mobile platform. Which is not to say that some developers are not trying to put a spin on these tried and tested formulae. Not too long ago, we had the amazing use-words-as-weapons oriented Writer Rumble. And now, we are delighted to have stumbled across Path Word.


In its very essence, Path Word is a simple enough game. You are given a grid with some letters on it and some empty squares. Your task is to make words using these letters. Sounds like Boggle? Hang on, there IS a twist. You cannot just go and make ANY word you wish. You have to make words in such a way that all the squares in the grid are used up. You form words by moving your fingers across the letters that comprise them – you cannot ‘jump’ over a letter or even a blank square. So your task is twofold – you have to make words and make them in such a way that all the squares in the grid, whether containing letters or blank, are used up.

It’s a matter of word formation and territory occupation. It is not just the word that matters but how you make it that does – how many squares are you able to swish your finger across. And the sooner you finish the grid, the higher a score you pick up. The size of the grid and the number of words in it goes up as you move up levels, and further complicating matters is the fact that initially you are told which letters start and end the words you are seeking for. As you move up, you are only told the letter with which the words begin, and that REALLY complicates matters.


Of course, you can make your task easier by asking for hints – you get two free of cost and after that it is ‘cough up the cash’ time – ten hints will put you back by 99 cents. There is plenty to play – the game comes with four levels, each packing sixty puzzles each. Once through them, it is wallet unburdening time again – you can purchase a new level for 99 cents, or just go right ahead and buy all five that are available for $2.99. Honestly, we have not gone that far and are having a right royal time playing the existing levels in the free version of the game. Which reminds us – the game is available for free, without any ads, and works smoothly with nary a hitch, irrespective of the age of your Android or iOS device.


No, it has no graphics magic up its sleeve or any fancy special effects, and the word play ‘purists’ (oh yes, they exist and are very vocal) will holler that it does not really test your vocabulary, as you do get hints about the beginning and/or end of the words. But if you are in the mood to flex your little grey cells and love wordplay, Path Word is just what the gaming doctor ordered. Now excuse us, we need to figure out how to make a word that starts with ‘E’ and manages to occupy the eight squares that remain on the grid!

Available on: iTunes App Store, Google Play
Price: Free

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