Here, at Technology Personalized we love science and whenever something interesting happens, we’re all eyes and ears. The close approach of the asteroid 2012 D14 is one of those moments. There are two things very special about this and those of you who love space and Sci-Fi will surely want to know what it’s all about.

First of all, this will be the closest asteroid in history to pass Earth, but rest assured, scientists say it won’t touch us. Secondly, and here it gets funny, this asteroid is said to be worth almost $200 billion. Yes, that’s right – 200,000,000,000 dollars; that’s almost 3 dollars for every living person on this planet.

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This begs for a question – how big is this rock, anyway? Well, not too big, actually, as it has a diameter of 160 feet (50 meters) and a weight of 190,000 tons. For those really afraid that it could hit the Earth, they should know that scientists have declared that this is impossible. However,  in its flyby, the asteroid will pass at a distance of 27,700 km (17,200 miles) from the surface. And there’s also only a 0.00034% risk (which means 1 in 294,000) that the 2012 DA14 asteroid will hit the Earth between the year 2080 and 2109. Even if that happens, we won’t be there to witness it anyway! Here’s a video below simulating the trajectory of this “expensive” asteroid:

So, on February 15th this year, what you could is to actually watch online this giant rock as it almost touches our planet. Here’s how and where to do it.

Watch Online as the 2012 D14 Asteroid Approaches Earth

This Friday (February 15), at the exact hour – 2.24pm ET/11.24am PT the 2012 DA14 asteroid will be the closest any other asteroid as been (Click here to know the time at your place). It will actually cross with the trajectory of communication satellites, so there’s a chance that a collision might happen, so why not witness the event live? If you have a nice telescope, then you will definitely have a space show. But for the rest of us, what we can do is to watch it live online.

1. Watch online the 2012 D14 asteroid flyby: the Bareket Observatory in Israel – The entire event will last for 1.5 hours and the webcast will start at 19:30UTC. Images will appear static and once at 30 seconds will be reset.

2. Slooh Space Camera – Slooh Space Camera is always tracking what’s happening on the sky and they couldn’t miss this one. You need to sign up as a member, though, but you can choose if you want to donate or not.

3. NASA on Ustream – NASA will offer a live stream of the event on Ustream, so be there to watch the event live.

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