Geotagging has been around for donkey’s years now (well, in tech terms at least). The whole idea of being able to add information about the location where a picture was clicked to the picture itself was handy. The problem, of course, was that this information was not always obvious to the viewer. More often than not, you would have to add a line or two of explanation or maybe even use a social network’s location services to add where the picture was clicked. A classic case of possessing the information but not really making the most of it.


Which is why we like apps like InstaPlace. Available in free (if ye will but put up with the odd ad, and make do without some of the caption options) and paid avatars for iOS and Android, the app lads a location-based layer to any picture you take. Well, in simple English, it adds location and a snazzy caption to your pictures, which you can then share over mail and social networks. It picks up the location automatically and if you are not content with what it displays, you can change it, with options from FourSquare and Facebook to help you on the way.

What works for the app is its sheer simplicity. You start off by taking a picturing or picking one up from your gallery, and within seconds of doing so, the app pastes the location of the picture in bold letters on the lower part of the image along with a caption (you can move it to the upper portion of the image with a flick of your finger if you wish), depending on the option you have chosen. You can choose from five layers or ‘skins’ as the app calls them: basic, travel, food, text and emotions. So you can have something looks like a license plate, italics, exclamations of yumminess (in case you decide to sound foodie) and the like. The catch is that you are pretty much restricted to the captions and layer designs found in the app itself – the location is the only bit of the app that you can twiddle, and that too depends on how well FourSquare or Facebook pick it up. Once you are happy with the caption and location, well, the social networking world is your oyster as you can share images over Facebook, Twitter, mail and if you are the filtering type, over Instagram as well.


No, InstaPlace is NOT the app for those who want to control every single aspect of an image that they want to share or save. Your choice of captions and locations is limited and there are no editing or filtering options to play around with. Top that off with the fact that autofocus does not seem to work within the app and some people will wonder if InstaPlace is worth a download. Our answer is: if you like to share where a picture was taken along with the picture itself, definitely it is. The layers and captions are well-designed and the interface is smooth and brisk enough to let you share both pic and place within seconds of taking a snap, especially if you are a person who is not over-enamoured of typing.


Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play
Price: Free

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One thought on “Daily App: InstaPlace (iOS/Android): Give Pictures a Sense of Place

  1. Does this app work without connection to wifi or 3G/4G? What if I take a picture while travelling and can only upload it when I get back to the hotel; will it pick up the location of where the pic was taken, or will it pick up my hotel’s location? :-/

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