Sony has just announced the new PlayStation 4 gaming console at an event in New York. The new generation gaming console has a lot to live up to and users have some high expectations from it. The PlayStation 4 has some great innovations, and Sony has gone out of their way to re-imagine the gaming console and some of its iconic features.

The new device pack quite a punch, both in hardware and in software. There are lots of new features and a lot of power under the hood, capable of fueling the next generation of video games that have advanced graphics. Now, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the new Sony PlayStation 4 console.


1. Sony PlayStation 4 will not natively support PlayStation 3 Games

Because Sony has moved from the old Cell processor that powered the old generation to a new X86 processor, the PlayStation 4 will not natively support PlayStation 3 games. This might affect the number of users that will commit to buying a new console. Although, there are many games that will be compatible with the new console, some might still want to play the old titles that they have.

However, Sony has informed us that through PlayStation Cloud, a new product which has appeared in collaboration with Gaikai, players will be able to buy olders games that were featured in previous generation consoles. Would be awesome if Sony could implement that for new games, as well.

2. Sharing and Live Streaming of In-Game Action

The new controller for the PlayStation 4 has a magic button called Share that allows the player to record gameplay video and share it in the blink of an eye with his friends. Also, CEO and founder of Gaikai, David Perry also talked about the new PlayStation Network, where players can stream their games live and others can assist to the games. One awesome feature was the possibility for the user to hand over the controls to the game to a friend, making interaction better. Sharing over social networks like Facebook or UStream is also possible for recorded videos and screenshots.

3. New and Improved DualShock 4 Controller


One of the most iconic things about PlayStation has been the DualShock controller. The 4th generation was announced today, featuring some awesome advances, but still retaining the classic look that everyone can recognize. The Share button that we’ve talked about earlier is one of the features of the controller and besides it, the DualShock 4 features a video camera that senses the depth of field in front of the controller, as well as the direction that it is held in.

Also, there is light bar on the front of the controller that can change color and the main area of the body is taken up by a touch-sensitive display. Another feature of the DualShock 4 controller is the Power button, which allows players to pause and resume games. We can’t wait to see how it feels in our hands!

4. New Gaming Options – Pause and Resume Games or Try Games Before You Buy Them

The Power button that we’ve talked about offers the player the option of putting the game on pause while the console is in Sleep mode and when they want, they can resume the game exactly at the point they left it, thus allowing players to suspend games and get back to them when they want.

The PlayStation network also brings a new feature to the table, allowing the players to try games before they buy them. This is a great feature, and what makes it even better is the fact that they can play the featured demo while the game is downloading in the background. This technology is made possible by the game streaming system that Gaikai has brought to Sony’s Network.

5. Take Your Games Everywhere With Remote Play

Another way in which Gaikai has made the PlayStation experience better is with Remote Play. This allows owners of PlayStation Vita to play PlayStation 4 titles within seconds. After the player leaves the PlayStation 4, they can jump into action from their Vita. The system is similar to what Razer have done with their mobile console and also nVidia with the Shield console, both presented this year at CES. Through the use of companion apps, we will even be able to resume our gaming on smartphones and tablets!

6. The First Games for PlayStation 4


At today’s event we’ve seen some great names that will be available on the PlayStation 4. One common denominator between them are the outstanding graphics, and we can hardly wait to try them out. Some of the main names that were featured today were:

Diablo III – Yes, that is right! Blizzard’s first game for consoles is Diablo III, and as a huge fan of the game, I am simply thrilled. Also, the game will support full 4 player co-op on the same screen.

Watch Dogs – This title has left many drooling in front of their monitors. The game looks incredible and it will certainly take full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s great hardware.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Killzone is a well known name in gaming, and the newest game is awesome. PlayStation 4 is definitely a great console to play this game on and Killzone fans will be very pleased by these news.

Drive Club – Racing games are meant to be played on a console, and the demo for Drive Club proved this once again. The realism of the game is hard to imagine, blowing pretty much any other name out of the water.

Infamous Second Son – A great game for a great console, Infamous Second Son takes us back to the dark atmosphere where superhumans wreak havoc on the world. The game has undergone serious upgrades, and the results are visible, a stunningly developed game!

As you can see, the new Sony PlayStation 4 has quite a lot of tricks up its sleeve, delighting gamers with the very best hardware and software. The new features take gaming to an entirely new level. But is it enough to keep the upcoming Xbox at bay? We need to wait to know that.

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