BlackBerry 10 OS has just been launched a couple of weeks ago and unlike any other mobile operating system found on the market, it started with a nice number of applications, right from scratch. Thanks to an intensive marketing campaign, BlackBerry 10 had the honor of selling itself with over 70,000 applications on the market.

Just like all forests have dying leaves, the BlackBerry World market has more than a few rotten titles but also a few interesting names, despite its young age. In order to straighten things out today and show that the mobile OS may have a tiny change against competition, we are about to embark on a journey to reveal the most interesting Blackberry 10 apps – just to get you started.

The Best BlackBerry 10 Applications


In the following lines, we’ve enlisted both paid and free titles. To install your choice on a BlackBerry 10 terminal and eventually, complete a purchase, you will have to click the link shared below and then the download link from BlackBerry World to sent the application right on the smartphone.



BlackBerry World has a couple of good music applications, both free and paid, mostly ported from other mobile operating systems, like Android or iOS. One of the best examples is TuneIn Radio, which is a great title for music enthusiasts.

Coming as a free installation, TuneIn Radio gives users access to over 70,000 radio stations worldwide, adding on top a range of free concerts, shows and even podcasts. Searching for variants is done fairly easy, certain categories like classic rock, pop, hip-hop or otherwise, being only present. We like TuneIn Radio also for the show twists, allowing owners to easily find political debates or sport shows.

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Those who wish to personalize their playlist and opt for a friendlier music experience can install Songza, also a free application. Although it provides almost the best music streaming service on BlackBerry 10 OS, with user-based playlists and no ads between songs, it’s only an Android port at the moment. This means that the user interface and everything else is ported from Google Play and sometimes, the visual experience may suffer.


Another variant could be Pacemaker, which can be purchased for around$8.50 and thought of as an investment, for someone who truly wants to get the most out of a song. Basically, this application turns the BlackBerry 10 into a DJ booth, allowing users to apply certain effects and combine music, to their liking.



As usual, the best choice when it comes to weather can be found from AccuWeather, where their native client for BlackBerry 10 runs nice and smooth. Through this application, users will get access accurate and updated weather information, with pinpoint location from anywhere in the world. Usually updated each hour, forecasts are sent through an easy-to-use interface and lengthy details, such as the following:

  • Instant forecast
  • Twelve-hour reports on regions at your selection
  • Twelve-day reports with day-by-day details
  • Amounts of precipitation and wind speed
  • Push alerts for severe situations and emergency situations

AccuWeather is free to download and is available in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish.



While BlackBerry 10 already comes with some interesting camera features, the 8-megapixel shooter can be adjusted even more through the use of a certain set of apps. One of them is PicShop, an image modifying application that goes for $4 in the BlackBerry World and that will allow owners to tweak pics in their way. It also has built-in social sharing, with services like Facebook and Twitter.

Beyond standard options like red-eye removal and contrast controls, PicShop can tweak the depth of a field, remove blemishes, add speech bubbles and other funny stuff:

  • Full-editing suite
  • Filters and effects
  • Frames and overlays
  • Sketch mode with 8 different brushes
  • Meme maker
  • Theme editing options
  • Auto-correction

Thos who wish for a cheaper variant and something even more minimalistic, Paper Camera can add real-time cartoon and painting effects for just $2. Once installed, the application can add sketching, half tone, noir, neon and plenty other effects directly into the camera – no post-editing needed. It’s really nice to see the environment changing instantly and this surely is a must-have, amongst capturers.



When it comes to messaging, we’ve found that the creators of WhatsApp Messenger also have friendly thoughts about BlackBerry 10. Although at first, they did not want to port their famous app on the platform, due to extensive fan support, a client finally arrived.

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As usual, WhatsApp Messenger offers cross-platform conversations using your existing data plan. It works with multimedia sending, video streaming, voice calling and plain texting, without charging a cent for any – at least until your traffic runs out. The application has a nice and tidy UI, from which users can contact others using only their phone number, and not a platform-specific identity. Moreover, the quality of the provided service is beyond great.


Those wishing to take advantage of existing social accounts, and not a simple phone number, can resort to IM+ Pro. For around $4.25, this application will allow users to chat between different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Y!M, AIM, ICQ and ten other services we haven’t even heard of. It also comes with a mapping feature, which reveals people near to you using the same app, one which might prove a great networking tool for some.

News feeds


Staying updates is a must-have these days and on BlackBerry 10 OS, we’ve found quite a lot of apps being prepared for serving news, but rather few worth mentioning. One of them is gNewsReader, a client built by an independent developer and not by the search-engine giant itself, which offers quick subscription to various sources, folder-based navigation, unread count, browsing mode, image resizing and plenty more. It’s basically a standard news reading client, optimized for Google Reader – available for $0.75.


Those going more for an automated approach can try the free News360 application, which aggregates around 5000 sources to bring relevant and up-to-date news. The services comes integrated with a searching algorithm, that uses pre-defined rules to find important stories and, supply hyperlinks for those who wish to find out more. It also comes with social-media sharing.

When it comes to sports, fans can see how their favorite team is doing using theScore. This free application covers baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR, F1 and several other sports, from different parts of the world. Designers say that they have completely redesigned the user interface for BlackBerry 10, so users should feel right at home. As for information, here is what you’ll get:

  • Fast navigating experience
  • Updated scores
  • Player stats
  • League leaders and standings
  • Betting odds
  • Game previews
  • Recaps
  • Top stories
  • Schedules

 Cloud File Management


Syncing files with the cloud has become almost a fashion, even on BlackBerry users. In the newest generation, cloud file management can be done through PlayCloud 10, a handy little application that can do much for owners, for just $1.50. This native client is deeply integrated with online-storing services and can open, synchronize and retrieve files directly through the cloud.  Amongst supported services, users can found Box, DropBox, Skydrive, Google Drive, WebDav and others.



Flixter, the famous movie application for Facebook has also found a way to BlackBerry 10, where it strives to bring the most relevant, and interesting information regarding movies. It has a stuffed catalog of over 50,000 movies and allows users to view the latest trailers, in high-quality – but this is not even the most interesting part.

With Flixter, people can search and view theaters near their location using nicely made maps and even retrieve important details, such as phone numbers, ticket information and reservation process. Searching for movies can also be done by titles, directors, actors and so on. The only bad aspect of this application is that it works only in USA, UK, Canada or Australia.



I’ve always said that hunger is the best cook but when you are out of ideas, grab your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and install Cooklet+, for $2. This application comes with the traditional recipe suite, over 3500 user-made as developers brag, and a flavor of social media on top. You see, Cooklet+ is more of a networking platform, where people cook, share and learn from each other. Pictures are an important factor in this experience so the app is optimized for photo sharing.

Moreover, Cooklet+ lets users comment, share and stay connected with the gastronomical world, of your friends, right from the mobile terminal.



Last but not least, gaming fans should have a blast on these new smartphones. One of the most interesting titles is World of Goo, a name with resonance among gamers. Encountered on other platforms as well, World of Goo has been around for years and has intrigued casual gamers as one of the finest indie games ever. For those unfamiliar with the name, this is a clever physics-based puzzle game that makes use of blobs of gunk to build structures. Totally worth it, for $5.


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Another option may as well be the famous Angry Birds Star Wars, where this time, the pesky flying crew ventures out through space in collaboration with the famous movie theme. For no charge at all, players can enjoy battles through the deeper part of space and play the original story, as an aspiring jedi who finds his father (the one with a heavy breath).


Those wishing a more serious story, or probably wanting to write their own, can opt for the Bard’s Tale, a title well received on all mobile, and stationary platforms. A classic action RPG, where the hero is a worthless bard that has a high sense for money, and money also. For around $6, players will enjoy around 30 hours of addictive gameplay and immersive quests, at high video quality.

Other notable mentions:

Note: Asphalt 7, the uber-cool car racing game and N.O.V.A. 3, the impressive sci-fi FPS are FREE on BlackBerry world for a while.

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