The latest Samsung member of the Galaxy family is the Xcover 2, the comeback of the well-known rugged smartphone which can withstand harsh conditions while deploying an intelligent communication solution. We loved playing with the Galaxy Xcover 2 at MWC 2013 and I must admit that apart from some small downsides, this model is really great.

Specs wise, the Xcover 2 houses a dual-core 1GHz processor of unspecified origins, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage with external possibilities of expanding up 32GB and, and a 1,700 mAh battery. Although the battery is not that large, it should be more than enough to power the 4-inch wide display that renders content in modest, 800 x 480 resolutions, and to power Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean successfully.

First Impression of the Galaxy Xcover 2


Meant for outdoor use, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 comes with a body filled with grips and grooves, perfect for slippery environments. The back cover was purely made out of carbon-fiber plastic. It was filled with dimples meant to offer a good grip and the material felt good even with gloves.

Also on the back cover of the phone we noticed a round lock, which protected the cover from accidental removals. This way, if someone wishes to remove it, they can only do so by unlocking this button. Pretty slick.

When it came to ports and other details like such, the Galaxy Xcover 2 had the regular microSD slots and SIM ports well protected by a flap, which was also present for the 3.5-mm headphone jack. The dedicated camera button hides a pretty neat concept, allowing people to take pictures only by pressing this button twice and without using the touchscreen, at all.

Another thing we loved was the design and the general aspect of the Xcover 2. Unlike any other resistant phones, especially those made by Caterpillar, which usually feel like a brick with conversation abilities, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 has a great body-line and an almost slim figure. This model has exceeded expectations and made phones like Motorola Defy+ and the previous Xcover generation look bad.

Unfortunately, the Xcover 2 has shown its weakness when it came to performance. The modest processor felt sluggish while navigating through basic tasks and even that dedicated camera button we loved, had a hard time performing (as shown in the video). Samsung is yet to provide details regarding availability and pricing figures.

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