Samsung is enjoying its moments of glory right now. Just as we speak, in Samsung’s headquarters everybody is excited because they know that their company is on everybody’s lips these days. Yes, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (or IV) is just around the corner. The S4 is the new upcoming high-end smartphone from the Korean company, to be launched on the market to renew the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Much has been said about Samsung’s wise marketing strategy but we’ll try our own input, as well. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has contributed a lot to the iPhone’s ongoing lose of supremacy, managing to outsell the iPhone 4S in US in August 2012. Of course, there has been a 7 months difference between the launch time of  these two phones, but nonetheless, numbers speak for themselves – 100 million Galaxy smartphones as of January, 2013. Apple has definitely sold much more, at least 250 million iPhone units before the end of 2012. But things are already changing and Samsung’s wise promotion techniques are contributing to that.

Samsung is a wise marketer

I love ads, I actually had my university licence in marketing, so I love ads and I can say that I understand which ad is good and which is bad. Most of the time, ads are the first connection/interaction between a future consumer and a company. Ads might win your heart away if they are properly made. Samsung’s marketing knows that and that’s why they are always crafting wise advertising messages. Such was the case with the first official teaser for the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch on March 14 (which we will cover).

It’s a playful advertisement, especially thanks to the inclusion of that kid. But more than playful, this is a natural advertisement, one that is easy apprehended by any kind of viewers. And if you are patient enough, do have a look at other ads on the Samsung Mobile Youtube channel. And now compare them to Apple’s ads.

Samsung has much more ads, because Samsung has more products and because, well, Samsungs invests much more than Apple does. We already know the story – Apple doesn’t need promotion, it gets enough free talk. Nonetheless, let’s have a look at one very interesting graph from Horace Dediu, from, which shows just how much money is Samsung putting in marketing:


Samsung spends 10x the amount Apple spends

Samsung was that good at marketing that it even managed to promote NFC in such a way that you’d think it’s a technology of their own. But the biggest benefit was that they showed that this is a feature that you will not find inside of an iPhone. Not to mention that Samsung had a lot of anti-Apple ads, which, might not be the best way to challenge your opponent, because you risk to be perceived as being unsecure. Nonetheless, aggressively promoting products, ideas, attacking challengers makes consumers remember your brand.

And all of this money invested in marketing have brought us close to this moment – the launch of the Galaxy S4, which might have what it takes to finally say, without any doubt – hey, this is better than the iPhone! But the truth is, smartphones have become so diverse that each of them has their own features, so it’s hard to say which is good and which is not. We’re talking about perception here and that’s exactly what Samsung tries to change. Rarely will you see that Samsung will talk about specs in their ads (like 2 GB of RAM or 1.6 Ghz or whatnote). They’ll focus on explaining features and capabilities that are understandable for tech-savvy persons and even for tech afficionados.

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch – a well prepared moment

The Mobile World Congress was almost over when we heard that Samsung was handing some glossy invitations to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in New York. Smart move – give invitations to tech blogers, journalists and analysts right before the world’s biggest mobile event is over. Just the right way to get as much promotion as possible. Shows that Samsung is adopting the same attitude as Apple – we can easily have our own event for important launches.


The difference between Apple and Samsung (and other companies) is that Apple almost never talks about its products before they are launched and subsequently, never releases ads before. Samsung does that and pretty well, actually. Apple used to bet on secrecy, but the launch of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini showed that almost all rumors came to reality. People are hungry for information, at least for a teasing video – Apple isn’t giving them anything, but yet, everybody manages to hear about rumors and leaks which, eventually, turn out to be true. So, why not officially tease those who’re waiting? Why not give them something to chew on for a short while? Samsung is doing that.

Another interesting fact about the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is that it will take place in New York, in iPhone’s home turf. The original Galaxy S was also launched in the U.S, but it didn’t have enough power to fight the iPhone back then. Actually, this year, Samsung said that the decision to switch from London to New York, thus from Europe to North America has actually been made following many requests from American carriers:

We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year, and this time we changed the venue (to New York) as we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country

And let’s talk about timing, as well. Last year, the Galaxy S3 was introduced in May, this year, Samsung is introducing the Galaxy S4 in middle of March. Could this make Apple shorten their release time for the iPhone?


If they won’t do it, it’s only natural to expect Galaxy S4 scoring more sells, if it will come with worthy specs and features. Whatever will happen on March 14 and however will Samsung Galaxy S4 look like, one thing is for sure – Samsung has prepared in a stellar way.

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