Facebook has made a design overhaul to the most important part of the social network’s experience, the News Feed. Possibly the biggest redesign since 2007, the new News Feed will now uses the ‘mobile inspired’ UX and provides consistent experience across the devices. Users will be able to drill down to the specific content type feeds and will see more (and bigger) images.


Some of the content-specific feeds included in the new design are:

  • All Friends: shows every single post from ALL your friends in reverse chronological order.
  • Music: Shows what your friends are listening to, new albums being released, and recommendations of artists you might like.
  • Photos: Just photos from your friends and pages.
  • Following: A revamp of the Pages feed that shows every post by Pages/People you Like.
  • Close Friends: shows posts from friends added to the close-friends list just like before, but with bigger images and more details.

Photo albums have got another new design with more immersive experience. The links shared will have bigger previews making it easier to decide if you want to click it to read further or not. Checkins to places will now include a map and basic details about the place. Pinterest gets more love, as the posts shared from it will be more vivid. Posts shared by multiple friends in your timeline will have their faces next to it and clicking on their faces will let you know what they have to say about the post.


Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that Facebook intends to be your personal newspaper that allows users to not only give them the top stories in the news and also socially relevant and local content from friends and family around you. The new design is based on three major things:

  • Richer stories that are visually engaging
  • Choice of different feeds and dig into any topic you want
  • Mobile consistency that shares the same experience across different platforms.

The mobile consistency has resulted in Facebook bringing a lot of design elements from phones and tablets onto the web. Mobile web elements like the sidebar-drawer UI and new stories alert have made it into the web experience as well.

The new News Feed goes live today, but will be rolled out in small batches over the next few weeks. Like the Graph search, you might not be able to get to see the redesigned News Feed immediately and might have to wait sometime. Adding yourself to the waitlist here https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed might accelerate the process.

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