One of the services that struck our curiosity in the past period was GetMeTorrents, a minimalistic torrent search experiment that delivers instant results, to directly downloadable files. In plain English, this means that simply by accessing the website and searching for the desired item, you will be given a short list of working torrent files which can be downloaded without having to own an account, or go to several pages filled with ads.

The beauty of GetMeTorrents stands in its sheer simplicity, and the fact that there are no hidden strings attached. Because the service requires no account at all, in a fashion similar to PirateBay and other names of renown, means that the one downloading can do so without limits, and without worrying that a certain ratio must be maintained for the service provided. Also, its quickness is a strong advantage. Of course, you will need a torrent client, as always.

How does GetMeTorrents Work?

GetMeTorrents1Well, this online service is composed out of a simple search box, where users can introduce a search term. After hitting the Enter button, a quick search is performed on Torrentz, and a list of matching torrents is retrieved. Each of these entries is pre-verified to ensure that the target file is not corrupted and can be accessed directly. As seen from the image above, each entry is formed from a title, the total size of the downloaded target, the number of persons still sharing the file (seeds) and the number of people downloading the target at the moment (peers).

At first sight, there is no comment/description system implemented, but when you click on the name of one torrent, a Torrentz page will appear, in which you can find more details. GetMeTorrents is still in a testing phase and as developers say, more features should be added along the way. When it comes to security, or privacy, the service does not store any information about its visitors and all the content offered is from 3rd party websites, and not their own. As a funny comparison, you can see this service as the Google of torrents.

Because it’s not yet in its final form, it’s obvious that there will be glitches and issues, so give it time before it reaches its final form. Also, if you have some suggestions for the website developers, use the feedback form. You can contribute to the improvement of a concept that proves to be very useful for our digital needs.


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