Samsung has been quite brilliant with its promotion of Galaxy S4. Now, with less than a day to go, they have announced that the Samsung Unpacked 2013 event in New York (which all of us know is actually the Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch event) will be live-streamed online on March 14th 2013, starting at 7pm EDT.

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, and as neutral tech lovers, it’s heartening to see a non-Apple product generating so much interest and hype before the actual launch. Having sold over 100 million smartphones under Galaxy brand, Samsung is generating tremendous amount of interest with the upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone. The predecessor for Galaxy S4 was launched just before the Olympics last year, in April. So, Samsung is quite content with yearly cycles for its flagship devices.

Going by the leaked videos and teaser pics by Samsung, the Galaxy S4 is expected to look similar to Galaxy S3 in terms of design but with a kitchen sink thrown in. Some of the rumors include 3D camera, smart ‘eye’ scrolling, Octa-core Exynos SoC, Full HD Solux display and more.


Watch Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Live Online

As per the announcement they made a few minutes back, Samsung will be live-streaming the Unpacked 2013 event on their Facebook page here, or rather a tab of their Facebook page. Right now, you get to see a teaser, which is a part of the series of episodes they have planned for the Galaxy S4 launch tomorrow, but tomorrow it should have the live streaming video for the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch.

We expect the Unpacked 2013 live stream to be on YouTube and other places as well. Be sure to check back a while before the event starts tomorrow. 7pm EDT is 6pm CST or 4.30am IST. For other timezones, click on this link.

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