In a theatric show like no other seen in the mobile industry, Samsung has announced the newest member of the Galaxy family, the S4. Just like we’ve expected, this baby comes with tons of goods under the hood, both on the hardware and the software part. While my colleague handled the internal specifications list, I’m here to present what magic Galaxy S4 can perform, in matters of applications and special features.

Maintain the same presentation trend born with the Galaxy Note 2 and its larger sized siblings, Samsung has managed to incorporate quite a few special features in its latest flagship. These new tricks should help future buyers in their daily life, by enhancing and easing the way we live, and the way we interact socially.

What Tricks can the Samsung Galaxy S4 Perform ?


Software wise, this flagship will conquer users not only through its re-designed user interface, but also, with special tricks. Starting with the UI, which can now create sparky images while users hover above it, the latest Galaxy will amaze buyers with several customizations. Now here are the most notable:

  • Dual Camera – just like we’ve seen in the latest LG Optimus G Pro, Samsung has incorporated a dual-camera feature that makes use of both front and back facing shooters, to register a video. This way, the person recording has the possibility of also being in the video alongside its family or friends, and this can happen with pictures too (by the way, inserting this extra face can be done with a cute set of templates).
  • Eraser – the Galaxy S4 camera can take 100 shots in no time and create a collage of them all. Using this collage, owners can choose to delete someone who walks through the shot without affecting image quality, at all. Moreover, all of these pics can be previewed by simply hovering the picture over the screen (aka Air View).
  • S Translate – coming in the aid of travelers, the latest S translate function can instantly transform English written text into Chinese-spoken language. Working with other 7 languages as well, including French, German, Italian, , Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese, this handy translator can also transform words into plain text. Moreover, the service is designed to function without an active internet connection and can recognize around 3000 useful phrases (it even works with emails).
  • Adapt Display – a feature which I will surely appreciate, Adapt Display can automatically change display settings, like brightness, contrast and such, depending on the content rendered. For instance, when you are gaming at home, the panel light will dim a bit to make sure your eyes will not be hurt. Now, when you switch that game off and turn your attention towards an important email, the S IV will magically know in which tone the text should be rendered.
  • Story Album – Samsung has included a way of automatically creating new picture and video albums, simply by analyzing your location and capturing patters. For instance, if the phone realizing that you are far from home and you start taking a lot of pictures in a rather tight time-span, it will suggest creating a new album, containing all of these new pics. From here, posting to Facebook can be done instantly.
  • Home Sync – a Hub for all things online, Home Sync is a personal piece of cloud, where up to eight users can share up to 1 TB of content, for free. Seen by some as VPN access right from your home, Home Sync allows users to push and pull content online, in a matter of seconds. Thus, those pictures taken while traveling can be seen instantly by another member of your cloud.
  • S Voice Drive – this smartphone can also help people while driving, thanks to the S Voice Drive feature. This virtual assistant has a custom interface with intuitive look, high text to speech capabilities and a navigation system built right-in. Thus, it can answer calls, read or type messages and also take notes, for you.
  • Smart Switch – a pretty straight-forward feature, which will allow people port most of their information from pretty much any other platform, or device. Although specifics have not been mentioned, we’ll settle for iOS, Windows Phone and possibly, BlackBerry 10.
  • Knox – aiming for the business segment abandoned by ex-RIM, Samsung has implemented a security feature called Knox, which should protect users from malware and information theft. Moreover, it has a talent of separating out business and personal duties, without mixing them up.
  • Group Play – a nice little twist that enables music to play on up to eight devices simultaneously. Moreover, listeners can even create a 5.1 surround system with multiple phones and discrete channels. Another interesting part is that this nice feature can cope with multiplayer games and file sharing.
  • Air Gesture – something that we’ve long wanted to see implemented, Air Gesture will allow owners to navigate without actually touching the phone.
  • Smart Scroll and Pause – a feature which senses eye movement and uses it to scroll content as tilt the phone up or down and, pause a video as you stray your sight away.
  • S Health – a health-awareness service, S Health will track calories, steps and distance. Moreover, users can pair it with the S band and a several other fitness gadgets.

Other notable mentions:

  • Samsung Hub, a magazine interface shop for finding and buying content
  • Ability to use gloves on the display
  • ChatON has received a nice upgrade and can now perform video chat calling with up to three people (even with dual-cameras and screen sharing).
  • Smart cover with magnets that make the display automatically turn off, when the cover is shut.
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