What are the key ingredients for making a chartbuster game? Perfect coding, impressive plot, alluring soundtrack, awe-inspiring animation, what else? Yes, money. Not just games, but you need money, a sumptuous amount of it, to produce anything – be it a movie, a hand-watch, an album, or any random project. But, awesome as your ideas ever could be, it isn’t necessary that some giant investor will back you up. This is where crowdfunding comes into play.


Crowd, in general is annoying, isn’t it? We hate to wait in queue, bother rush, noise, and practically everything associated with crowd. But putting all the hatred aside, when we utilize the processing power of mass, it almost every time ends up doing miracles. Crowdfunding has changed lives; it has kept millions of people’s dream alive – promoting talents, and giving their vision a go ahead. Today there are crowdfunding platforms for almost every project under sun. Fundable pays for startup businesses; ArtistShare and Sellaband helps musicians seeking sponsors. Pledgie gives a platform for funding of health, safety and other causes. Appsplit, on the other hand provides a platform for freelancers to sell their apps. GoFundeMe helps financially challenged students. Indiegogo helps small businesses, movie makers, and musicians to get their pieces together. Although, there are a lot of crowdfunding services, and even more areas where it does wonders, but none is as popular and awesome as Kickstarter.

Let’s kickstart

Kickstarter is a stage open for everyone to grab the microphone and be in the spotlight. It provides a platform where you discover a community and market your products. You pitch ideas – things you believe in, and why you think people would want that and people  approve it. Those who find your cause or product interesting, make monetary contributions.

Kickstarter will turn 4 next month, in this period of righteousness, more than 3.5 million people backed up (helped, contributed) their favorite projects. For the total of $526,000,000 pledged so far, people have contributed (funded) $438,000,000.

Kickstarter is fascinating because it allows you to discover your audience. It works on the principle of power of people coming and backing up ideas. I love how they have put this,

Backing a project is more than just giving someone money, it’s supporting their dream to create something that they want to see exist in the world.

The site has an all-time success rate of 44 percent, which gives us a great story to pass on to our future generation. Mind you, you have to remember that some projects weren’t great at all, they failed to raise any money, skewing down the overall fraction.

Why Kickstarter is so popular?

The actual reason of why Kickstarter is really famous apart from the snowball effect that made Justin Bieber, Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake popular is the total transparency in their system. Most projects keep you posted with their development process. That feels like being a part of the project, and give you a sense of authorship.


Oculus Rift is one of my favorite projects, they got much more than what they asked for. And, they even posted most of their strategy – technical and designs tackle that came their way. In addition to that, everyone who backs up a successful project is listed under “project creators”. Kickstarter, or crowdfunding in general sense, has made a new way for developers to launch their products.

Kickstarter is a knight, watchful protector and a silent guardian. It has brought a revolution in the world of Indie game developers. Last year, by August, Kickstarter reported of having pledged $50 million to independent games. There are games like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Chivalry, Gun Godz among hundreds of other that exist because of Kickstarter only.

Kickstarter – Saving the art culture

Kickstarter has successfully backed up around 34% of all the hardware projects, but if you think it is just merely a tech centric buzz, you are sadly mistaken, my friend. Check their stats.

Kickstarter has evidently done so much for art. Dance and theaters have been reportedly been benefited the most from this upright campaign platform. Amanda Palmer tells a fascinating story about how Kickstarter helped her to keep doing what she believes in. This year at Academy awards “Inocente: Homeless. Creative. Unstoppable” won the Oscar for best Documentary Short, and yes, it was a Kickstarter campaign.


Are you a fan of the amazing TV Series The Veronica Mars? Thanks to Kickstarter, the movie is on its way! As a matter of fact, 10% of Sundance films in last two years have been kickstarter projects.

Those who fail to get the required funding aren’t examples of failure

Not every project achieves success. Kickstarter will always be that platform which prevail sense of judgment to the marketing of one’s product (project), it is about building commitment and funding around them. Take it as a wakeup call, and put your thinking glasses on and cluster down “what went wrong”. People are the consumers, and if they didn’t like your project, you were likely to fail anyway – at least it saved you from losing up much money.

Now that it has become so popular, and readily available, a lot of non-sense projects are making their way to it as well.

My advice: Set realistic goals. Do not let your excitement write a check that your product cannot deliver.

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