Although our smartphones allow us to personalize with custom ringtones, there is one aspect that has remained unchanged: the vibrating alerts. Well, this could be a thing of the past for Android users. As we all know, the Android OS allows users to customize their devices to an impressive extent, and now, with the help of  Vybe – Custom Vibrations, users can create their own vibrating alert patterns.

This brings a new level of customization to the popular operating system. Unlike most other customization apps for Android devices which help users change visual features like wallpapers, or change icons, Vybe gives the user the power to define the vibrating alert for different notifications.

Vybe adds yet another feature to Android devices


As we mentioned above, Vybe is a great addition to the smartphones for those who want to customize their Android device and give it a unique personality of its own. The app itself is very easy to use, having a simple, but effective interface which allows the user to quickly create and assign the vibration pattern.

Once the app is installed, users will see the main menu, where the largest space is occupied by the Record button, with the auxiliary buttons set around it. Also here, they can see a graphic that shows the vibration, similar to how certain programs show the sound waves of songs. Once the user has recorded a vibration pattern, he can play it back to see if there are any other changes that can be made.


One feature we would have loved to see is the ability to edit saved patterns, but we hope a next update will add this feature, as it will allow users of Vybe to tune their vibration patters even more. Once the pattern has been recorded, it can be saved for later use by pressing the save button or if the user is not happy with it, he can press the refresh button to start over.

When the final vibration patters is made, it can be easily set to either calls or text messages, of, if the user chooses, it can be added to a contact. This feature makes it easy to add different vibrations to every contact if the user so pleases.

Also, all the saved vibration patterns are visible by pressing the lower left button. Here, a list with all the saved patterns is shown, complete with the visual graph of each of them. Overall quality of the app is spotless, working each and every time we’ve tested it. Also, it’s simple interface makes it suited for those who want to record vibrations on the go. We loved the app and we’d like to see more quality apps like Vybe hit the Play Store.

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