We’ve waited for the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a long time, and we’ve witnessed countless rumors and leaks around it. And when the unveiling was official, we didn’t see many surprises. But, until we get our hands on it, it’s early and unfair to judge a device only by looking at its specifications or features announced. Nothing beats the hands-on experience and the real life usage.

Even if nobody has received their Samsung Galaxy S4 yet in order to review it, the ingenious folks from AndroidAuthority managed to do a quick GeekBench test (find more benchmarking apps for smartphones in our list) right after the launch event. And this was enough to get the entire tech world on fire and already proclaim the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the fastest smartphone yet. Also, pay attention to this – the tested version was the 1.9 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and not their own, Exynos octa-core.

Primate Labs took the score achieved by AndroidAuthority and compared it to other premium smartphones on the market, amongst which we can definitely find the iPhone 5. The chart below says it all.


If we are to take the results for granted, then Samsung Galaxy S4 is incredibly fast, almost twice as fast as the iPhone 5, actually. However, we need to take this with a grain of salt. From almost all the hands-on videos that we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S4, we noticed a slight lag at some places, so until we get more reviews pouring in, this is just a “preview” of the actual performance. Also, let’s not forget that we’re basing our assumptions on the tests done only once and only by a single person.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – the fastest smartphone yet?

But if you want to believe this, then it makes sense, as well. We can see that the score for Samsung Galaxy S4, which is around 3100, is almost by 400 points more than the next one in the list – the HTC One. The Galaxy S4 has a 1.9 GHz processor, while the HTC One has a 1.7 Ghz one. Almost the same difference in points is felt when comparing the HTC One’s performance to the Nexus 4, which also is “weaker” by 0.2 GHz, sporting a 1.5 Ghz and an older generation processor.

And the news could be even more awesome for Samsung Galaxy S4 wannabes, especially for those in the European market – the 8-core Exynos processor is expected to have an even better result. Just look at the scores of the different versions of Samsung Galaxy S3: the version with Exynos processor had a score higher by almost 300 points.

We can expect around the same for the the octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4. Nonetheless, we must take into account that the iPhone and the Galaxy S are smartphones that are being released in different times of the year, so it’s difficult to say if the iPhone 5 is the rival to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or if we should consider iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6). The ball is in Apple’s court now, can it score once more?

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