Environmental conditions are important for a person’s comfort and productivity. Depending on the room’s temperature, humidity, noise level, light intensity, air quality and barometric pressure, the human body will perform well, or poorly. When all of these factors are inside an optimum range, wonderful results can be seen from both productivity and healthiness sides.

In order to manage all of these environmental parameters and tune your body to the perfect condition, you are going to need a couple of sensors capable of measuring, and analyzing key factors.

CubeSensors:User-friendly medium analysis


Say hello to CubeSensors, a pair of stylish analyzers which are capable of sensing environmental conditions within a certain area and display relevant information, without having to worry about heavy-to-understand data. Designed to make people more comfortable, and reduce stress levels, these CubeSensors can perceive how hot or wet the air inside a room is, whether the noise and light levels are over an optimum threshold and if the air quality can be increased. Moreover, they are also capable of delivering statistical data about the room’s air pressure.

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In a few words, they can help buyers figure out what needs to be done in order to obtain a perfect room atmosphere. For instance, these cubes can notify the user when should they open the window and refresh the air or, when should the air-conditioning system be turned off.

All the data captured by these small marvels is automatically streamed towards a selected iOS device, through the help of a companion application. This app can also be configured to notify the user when certain parameters are above a pre-defined level.


Designed to fit in every corner of your house, these wonder cubes come without any wires attached and rely on a powerful battery to function. Streaming is done through Wi-Fi (just like in the Sense technology) towards a central station which come packed with the sensors, and from point on data is transmitted to your smartphone / tablet.

Price and Availability

The project is only in a pre-release phase and the final products are expected to be shipped this summer. While developers recommend purchasing a pair of these cubes for each of your rooms, two CubeSensors will set you back $250 (or $350 if you want four of them). Pre-ordering can be done from the official page, but you will have to pay for a $10 reservation fee.

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