Kaspersky, the well-known Russian security company, has finally made one of its top-notch products free to use on Android systems. Known as Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite, the software acts as a skinned version of the full-security suite, which includes a couple of basic, but important features. As always, those who wish to extend its functionality and gain a couple of extra tools in the process can upgrade to the full, but paid suite.

The free edition works on tablets and smartphone alike and contains an anti-theft function, besides the standard anti-virus protection. This may replace the need to install 3rd party services like Carbonite Mobile to ensure recovery of lost devices. Also, the level of protection granted by Kaspersky’s experience vouches to keep all threats at a distance.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Features


In order to prevent even more malware from spreading on Android terminals, Kaspersky has joined the list of best mobile security applications with a free app. The Lite version of Mobile Security (download here) aims to protect users using the following features:

  • Anti-Virus protection – Kaspersky implemented a state-of-the-art defensive technology, based on proactive and cloud support. Users should feel the benefits of these principles through the help of automatic and on-demand scanning.
  • Web defense – the product includes a web access module which should protect terminals from accessing malicious links designed to steal personal or critical data. This also applies to threatening SMS spam techniques.
  • Anti-theft – as we previously mentioned, Mobile Security Lite also comes with a feature that can remotely block a terminal and wipe data from the memory. Even more, users can capture the face of the thief using the front camera. When all others fail, a GPS tracking system can be started or even a loud siren noise, to unmask the villain in the public. All of these are done from the official website.
  • Blacklist – ignore unwanted calls or text messages using a simple blacklist

Paid Version

The full version can be purchased for $14.95 a year (or $19.95 for tablets) and offers a couple of extra options, beyond the standard configuration. For instance, full-right owners will be guarded by a real-time protection feature, which will verify each new application installed and also take care of suspect files. Moreover, users will gain the ability to schedule system scans and a direct connection towards a cloud database of threats which ensures faster virus definitions.

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