Much as we had predicted two days back, Google has introduced Movie rentals and purchases on its Play Store in India and Mexico, bringing the total number of countries to 13. This follows (and explains) the introduction of Nexus devices (Nexus 7 only for now) in India a couple of days back.


Google has shown it has keen interest in the Indian market in recent times. Just over a month back, the Books section in Google Play store was introduced, followed by Devices section with the launch of Nexus 7 on 26th March. We should now wait and see when Google will launch the TV & Music sections in the Indian Play store.

Other countries with Movie rental and purchase support include US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Spain.

Movie rentals start from as low as Rs.50 (~$0.90) and goes up to Rs.120 (~$2.2) in Indian Play store, while purchases start from Rs.190 (~$3.5) for standard definition and goes up to Rs.490 (~$9) for high definition movies. These prices are relatively much lesser when compared to US Play store. But it looks like not all movies are available on the Indian Play store yet.

Apple introduced the iTunes Movie & Music section here in India back in December 2012, followed by Apple TV launch in February this year. With the introduction of Google Play Movies, we can expect more Nexus devices (specially the Nexus 4) and even Google TV to be launched in India soon.

Other than Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store, India is seeing a gradual increase in services offering online movie streaming and rentals. Reliance’s BigFlix has been around for a while now, while YouTube’s BoxOffice took online movie streaming to the masses with a free blockbuster Bollywood movie every month. Times Internet recently launched which is a premium Video on Demand service.

For now, go ahead and install the Google Play Movies & TV app, and browse through the listings to rent or purchase your favorite movies.

Update: Now, Medianama is reporting that YouTube rentals has gone live in India. You can browse through both paid and free movies across various genres and languages. Interestingly, the paid catalogue is quite similar to the one on Google Play Store. Moreover Google is syncing the purchases and rentals between YouTube and Google Play. A bold and awesome move indeed!

Update 2: Movies bought on Google Play Store can be played on iOS through Youtube App!

Source: TNW

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