In an increasingly complex world, we must confess that we have a soft corner for the simple – witness our love for iA Writer and Instaplace, apps that do not promise the world but deliver what they do promise and do so with minimum fuss. And now you can add another app to the list of “simple but effective” list – Photolettering.


A free app from the well-known type foundry House Industries, Photolettering’s purpose in mobile life is simple – to let you plonk letters on images. And it does so in a manner that is charmingly simple. The app itself is a 13.1 MB download and is mainly designed for the iPhone, although you can run it on the iPad, if you are not averse to stretched-out apps and empty screen spaces.

Once launched, the app gives you the option to either choose a picture from your existing photo library or shoot a new one. Once you have done so, the app promptly places a text box in the picture, letting you type whatever text you want in it. You can also choose a different font (there are three available free of cost with the app, if ye want more – either shell out $0.99 per font or $9.99 for all of them), play around with font colour and shading, and alignment as well. And if you do not like where the app has placed your text by default, just place two fingers over the text and drag it wherever you like. Want to change text size? Well, hold the text with two fingers and move them apart to increase size or pinch to decrease. Yes, it’s that simple.


Finally, there are four rather basic filters – it seems every image tweaking app MUST have them these days – thrown in for you to mess around with the look of the final product. Incidentally, if all you want is text on a blank background, poster style, you have that option too and can splash a colour of your choice over the image, blotting it out entirely.

That done, you can share your mix of pic-and-text magic over your mail or social networks from within the app itself. And that pretty much is it. Some might say, it is hardly enough. But when you consider the font quality (very good indeed), the ease of use (simplicity itself) and the utility delivered by the app, we cannot help but love Photolettering. Yes, we would have perhaps liked some geolocation elements (which would have made this an Instaplace with text control), more fonts as part of the free package (yes, we admit to being greedy pigs) and maybe some text-bubble like option, but even without those elements, we have no hesitation in declaring Photolettering to be the one of the most elegant and simple implementations of the text-on-pictures concept. Definitely worth a download if you are the type that likes to add words to their pictures, even if they ARE worth a thousand words.


Download from: iTunes App Store
Price: Free


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