Just a while back, Facebook announced their new Android app, which comes with some awesome new features. One of its best features is the Chat Heads, which allows users to chat with their friends and not get distracted from what they were doing. We’ll take a look at what Chat Heads is and how it works, and leave it to you to say what do you think about it.


Chat Heads – The best Android Messenger Yet

In the live demo from Facebook, we saw this feature at work, and realized that it is a great addition to Android devices. Think of this: while you are playing a game or browsing the web, you receive a message from someone. At this moment, you have to choose one of two options: either continue what you were doing and ignore the message, or switch to the messenger app and leave what you are doing.

Chat Heads allows you to do both things at the same time. When you receive a message from anyone, no matter what app you are in, it will come up as a bubble on your screen, with the picture of who sent it. If you choose to respond, you just tap on it and it will open over the app you were currently using. This allows you to keep in touch with your friends and at the same time use your smartphone as you normally do.


The user interface of this feature is based around swipes, so if you want to close a conversation, you can swipe it up and it will collapse in the the bubble, also, if you want to ignore it, you can swipe it off the screen and continue your work. It is very simple to use, and by allowing you to chat at the same time as you are playing or doing anything else, we think this feature is pretty cool.

This messenger for Android is something that would have come a long time ago, but nevertheless, we are happy that Facebook has brought it first.

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