Today we start off with a new series, where we roundup the best android apps we have come across over the past week. The list includes the brand new and notable apps for your android smartphones and tablets. We strive hard to get you the best and most interesting android apps (includes both Free and Paid ones), so make sure you check them out below.


3DMark – Performance Benchmarking app

3DMark (Free)

3DMark claims to be the world’s most popular performance benchmark. Test your android device with 3DMark and compare its performance with other Android, Windows and iOS devices. It’s a 300MB download, so ensure you have enough free storage to spare. (Free)

Android 4.2 Jelly bean came with a cool camera feature, the Photo sphere. With Photo spheres, anyone can capture a real 360 degrees view of their surroundings and play it back later. provides easy access to share a private Photo sphere picture with anyone or add it to a public Photo Sphere gallery.

Tiny Apps (Free)

Floating apps are the new rage on Android. OEMs like Sony & LG have started integrated them into their customized UI, and for a good reason. Tiny Apps is a collection of floating android apps including calculator, notes, music player, paint and recorder. It comes in two versions, Lite (free) and Pro (paid). The Pro version includes transparency and docking capabilities and costs $1.92


Sketchbook Ink ($4.99)

Autodesk’s Sketchbook Ink has been popular sketching app on the iPad, and it is now available for Android tablets as well. It’s an intuitive pen & ink drawing app which lets you create beautiful line work and export high resolution images directly from your Android tablet.

GLBenchmark (Free)

Not that we adore benchmarking apps this much, but GLBenchhmark 2.7 is a popular one out there, and provides a tool for unified cross-platform graphics benchmarking on major consumer platforms including Android and iOS.

Humble Bundle

We had previously written about Humble Bundle same time last month, and it’s back with new set of games for your android device. The latest bundle lets you pay what you want for four excellent games – Anomaly Korea, Contre Jour, Plants vs. Zombies and Bladeslinger. If you pay more than the average of $5.65 (at the time of writing) you can get bonus games like Funky Smugglers, Raiden Legacy & Another World as well.

Wakelock Detector (Free)

Not many of you would know about this not-so-new app, but Wakelock Detector is a handy android app to know why your smartphone screen isn’t automatically turning off when it should have. Wakelock Detector helps you to detect battery consuming applications in your Android device by checking wakelock usage history.

AntTek Quick Settings (Free)

AntTek Quick Settings is a brand new android settings app, which brings Jelly Bean Quick Setting to Android 2.1+ with plenty of customization, without having to root your device. You can customize to add different things to quick setting panel, including over 75 built-in actions.

Rosetta Course (Free)

Rosetta Course is a popular website known for its unique language learning methods. Rosetta Course uses a combination of text, images, and speech to help you learn the ins and outs of a new language. Though the app is free to try, you are required to pay up if you want to go beyond the first few lessons for each language you like to learn.

Toucher (Free)

Toucher by Go Launcher EX is a tool app which mimics and expands the concept of the iPhone AssistiveTouch, and brings them to Android smartphones and tablets. Toucher gathers most commonly used and needed features of Android system in this suspending point.


Valet ($0.99)

Valet is an elegant car locator app for Android and one of the few worthy apps exclusively available for Android devices. Valet remembers where you park with the push of a button. It comes with handy tools like timer/alarm, useful when the place you’ve parked only allows you to do so for a specific time.

I am Playr (Free)

I am Playr is a popular flick-football game with more than 9.3 million users, and is now available on Android. The social football (soccer) game lets users live the life of a professional footballer, putting themselves up against their friends and the rest of the world. The android version is currently in beta and hence a bit stripped-down.

Google Translate (Free)

Google Translate app for Android was recently updated to include offline support and vertical text translation. We consider this update to be big enough to warrant a place in this week’s list of best android apps. The offline language packages include support for 50 languages. With this, you can get an answer without worrying about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Reebok Fitness (Free)

Fitness apps are the new range in town. After the success of Nike’s fitness apps, Reebok has jumped into the fray with their own calendar and fitness app. It’s a great way to create customized workout programs based on the sports and activities you want to try or already love, but lacks flexibility and extra features.

PAC-MAN +Tournaments (Free)

The classic PAC-MAN is now free to play on Android. The new freemium model blends the original arcade game with a new Tournament mode with online leaderboards. Virtual tokens cost you money, but lets you play the weekly tournaments.

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