A new week and we’re back with the new list of top Android apps this week (ending 14th April). Mobile technology in general and Android in specific is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today, with thousands of apps and games being released or updated every week. In this fast growing world of Android apps, we make an effort to bring you the latest and most noteworthy apps we came across during the past week.

As most of you might already know, Google recently redesigned the Play Store, by bumping it to version 4.0. The new design lets users click lesser number of times in order to install an app they are looking for, but finding the best and most notable apps is still a task. We make that easy for you.

SlickDeals (Free)

Slickdeals.net is one of the most popular community-driven deals sites in the world, and we finally have the official Slickdeals app for Android. If you care to save your hard earned money, you should download and install the Slickdeals app right away. This is surely one of our recommended deals and coupon apps on Android.


RedReader (Free)

There is no dearth of Reddit apps on Google Play Store, but the new RedReader beta for Android stands out from others with its ease of use and pleasant interface. You can either browse anonymously or login to Reddit in order to participate in the threads. The best part is the speed of browsing on this app. With techniques such as cache management, streaming and image compression, browsing Reddit is a pleasure on RedReader.

Battery Doctor (Free)

Battery Doctor is not new. In fact it has been around for a while and has been recommended by many as one of the best battery saving apps for Android devices. Recently, the app was updated to v3.1, which includes the very useful “One-tap power saving” mode. A must-try app for your power hungry Android device.

Unified Remote ($0.99)

Unified Remote has been around for a while, but the reason behind the app finding a place in our list this week is because it has just got a temporary 70% discount, to celebrate its second anniversary. At 99 cents, we wholeheartedly recommend this remote app which is easily the most feature-filled PC remote. Use your Android device to control your mouse, keyboard, and favorite software via Bluetooth and/or WiFi. It does have a free app, but the full version has lot more to offer for less than a dollar.

CamWeather (Free)

We have seen umpteen varieties of weather apps on the Play Store, but CamWeather tries to bring a slightly different approach. It fuses the local weather with social factors, enabling users to express not just weather for their area with others, but also add a photograph to it for friends to see. It’s not perfect in its features and functionality, but the price being Free should entice many to try it out at least once.


Rando (Free)

Some of you might have already guessed that the app is something to do with RANDOM. Rando was released a month back on iOS and was touted as an “experimental photo exchange platform” for those with a penchant for photography. As weird as it might sound, you send a photo to a random user and gets back a random photo from another random user, with the only information offered being the location of where that photo was snapped. A nice recipe to kill time, isn’t it?

Cinemagram (Free)

Cinemagram arrived much before Vine, but it’s the latter which is more popular, thanks to Twitter. It was Cinemagram which pioneered short animated video clip sharing on iPhone back in 2011. And finally, it makes its way onto Android. This free app lets you create very short animated GIFs and share them with their followers and on social networks. I’ve been a Cinemagram user for the last couple of years, and can personally recommend it for you.

Bandrios (Free)


XDA has been a great source for interesting new Android apps over the years. Bandrios is one such simple app from their stable. It’s a simple counter which incrementally count things each time you click +. The app keeps track of when and where you’ve incremented, and lets you review that information in the bundled map/calendar.

Shadowgun: DeadZone (Free)

Shadowgun: DeadZone 2.0 was released recently and the update brings new maps, weapons and stat boosters for things like armor, damage and accuracy. It’s one of the most popular First Person Shooter (FPS) games on Android, and the recent update should encourage many newbies to go and give this game a try.

Repulze (Free)

We weren’t expecting these many games to make into our best android apps this week. But games like Repulze didn’t give us any other option. From the developers of Reckless Racing, Repulze puts the action racer in you on the seat of experimental Repulze hovercraft working as a test pilot for the Man.

Epic Pirates Story ($1.27)

Another indie game developer trying to make a mark is the Epic Devs LLC, which heavily borrows the plot and model from Kairosoft, with colorful pixel art graphics, cute, chatty characters and simplified combat and city management mechanics. Initial reviews have been mixed, but the reviews on Play store have been positive.

Worms 2: Armageddon ($4.99)

The highly acclaimed Worms franchise has just made its first step into the Android environment. The popular turn-based strategy game includes no less than 30 single-player missions across 5 new themes including Manhattan, Medieval, Sports, Construction and Cheese. Multiplayer abilities include two-player online play via Wi-Fi and “pass-and-play” for two to four players.

Burner – Disposable Numbers (Free)

If you ever find yourself needing a disposable phone number, go ahead and download Burner, which makes it easy to get phone numbers you can give out or utilize once, then discard. It helps you protect your privacy by giving you temporary phone numbers that you can give to people you’ve just met or use without having to make use of your own phone number. And yeah, it’s free!

Facebook Chat Heads (Free)

Facebook Home has stolen the buzz over the past week. Though the launcher isn’t officially available for most android devices, the Chat Heads feature makes its way to the Google Play Store via Facebook Messenger app. Chat Heads overlays Facebook messages on top of your Android experience. Having used it just for a couple of hours, I have become a huge fan, thanks to its simplicity and fun with dragging around the chat heads.

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