Another week is coming to an end and we are here to report on the best apps in the iOS world for this week ending 14th April. If you’ve missed last week’s top picks, then maybe right now is the moment to have a look. Just like always, you’ll find games & tools in our list that will help you have more fun with your iPhone, iPad and even your iPod Touch, in some cases. Also, if you own an Android device, do have a look at our top 15 Android apps for the past week.

And rest assured, all of these apps are 100% sure to entertain you, if we’re talking about games, and prove useful to you, if we’re talking about tools. Some of these apps might have a price that’ll seem high, so you can just bookmark it and wait for a future price cut, because that usually happens. Without further ado, here is our selection of the 15 best iPhone and iPad apps for the past week, with no particular order in mind.

GolfStar (Free)


I never played golf in my life but I absolutely love thinking I’m Tiger Woods in front of my iPad. If you like golf, even if you don’t play it “for real”, then GolfStar might become an interesting proposition for you. The developers of the game assure you that it has stunning graphics that will instantly turn you into an addict. At 419 MB, it’s obvious that it comes with a lot of graphical work in the background. There are 5 different game modes: Career mode, Match mode, Competition mode, 10 Player mode, Training mode. There are also weekly ratings so that you could see how good you are and you can also participate in tournaments to become the ultimate golf player.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free)

If you love superheroes and card games, then Injustice: Gods Among Us might be a fortunate mix of both for you. Inside this game with appealing graphics, you’ll find some of your favorite DC Comics heroes, such as: Batman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Of course, a future update is likely to add more of them. And being created by the Warner Brothers studios, you’d expect some quality in this game. So, what are you waiting for? Let the fight against villains start right now!

Gemini Rue ($3.99)

Indie games will just never die and with the appearance of such game consoles as the Ouya, they will actually flourish and develop even further. And it always amazes me how creative, yet simple, the storyline of these games can be. As a desktop game, Gemini Rue has won enough awards already to be called a masterfully made application. It is a sci-fi noir adventure game, somehow in the same genre as “Blade Runner” or “Beneath a Steel Sky”. The story revolves around Azriel Odin who arrives on the Barracus planet. Join him as he discovers a new world and help him get out of there alive.

Minibar ($2.99)

When at a party, you might get bored of drinking only beer, wine, champagne and all the usual stuff. What you really want is a cocktail, a drink that usually combines more drink types to bring up a new flavor and a unique taste. You can use the Minibar app to tell the bartender what drink you’d like and how he should prepare it or you can impress your friends once they come over at your place. And with more than 100 recipes, you will definitely prepare something for everybody. I, for one, would like a Mojito right now!

StatusBoard ($9.99)

“You’ve got data. Status Board makes it beautiful” – is the official description of this application intended for your iPad. And they couldn’t be more right –  we have emails, we have to watch for the hour, we have social media accounts and so on. StatusBoard wants to bring a little order in your digital life by using built-in panels to neatly display information about the following: clock, weather, calendar, mail, Twitter and feeds. You can resize panels, change the layout to appear in portrait or landscape. If you want, you can even “export” that to an external display via AirPlay or HDMI.

Lumber Jacked ($0.99)

Mobile games with classical, retro graphics have something special about them – they just lure you into their magical, full of dangers and obstacles world. And this one has a lovely storyline behind – you play as Joe the Lumber Jack who seeks to make justice and catch Bustin Beaver and the beaver bandits around him, because they stole his lumber! Physics, puzzles, wall jumps and multiple worlds where the action takes place. What more could you ask for in a sunny Sunday afternoon than playing this game.

Mr.Crab ($0.99)

Mr. Crab is what I use to call “tap and jump” games, as the main thing that you have to do in this game is to tap for your hero crab to jump. But in doing so, you must avoid the dangers around and you also have to look for mini-treasures that will help you rescue as many baby crabs as possible. The first version of the game comes with 44 unlockable levels where you will find such villain bosses as Blowfish Bob, Bernard the Bat or The scorpion King.

Rigonauts HD ($1.99)

Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Catapult Saga and many other things have made us become addicted to this fun, entertaining physics games. But Rigonauts is different, here you don’t just send things flying around, you have to build them before the collisions happens. As the name of the app suggests it, the action is centered on vessels and their crews. You have to build ships and prepare them for the battle in more than 30 levels. Your enemy are the Komandant forces but under your command is the Rigonauts crew, along with advanced weapons, armors and strategic plans of attack.

Bottle Cap Blitz (Free)

But the most addictive games are those that are real fast, right? Those where you don’t have to think too much, you just have to be quick and agile. Bottle Cap Blitz is a one-minute action game where all that you need to do is to … fire bottle caps! You did that in the real life so many times before, right? Fire bottle caps to smash as many ice cubes as you can and also get huge combos to have a higher score. What the developers of this addicting iOS game want to point out is that it is perfectly suited to be used with just one hand.

Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection ($7.99)


You can’t forbid your children to play with your iPhone or iPad but you can moderate and watch over their use. The Short Story Collection features eight classic titles from the reputed American writer and cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel. The recommended ages for this app are between 3 and 9 years. You’ll find the following tales inside this cartoonish application: The Big Brag, Gertrude McFuzz, I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today!, King Looie Katz, The Glunk that got Thunk, Too Many Daves, The Zax and What Was I Scared Of? The application actually acts as a digital book and it can read to you the story or it can let you or your kid read it.

Bondsy: Buy, Give, or Trade Things with Friends (Free)

One simple, yet genius idea is behind Bondsy: buy, give or trade things with your friends. You want to sell a book you’ve finished but you’re not sure you’ll get a good price? Then what about asking for another book in return or, why not, ask for a lunch. And this gets even more fun as you take it with you on your iPhone or iPad. Put that nice pair of Nike shoes for “sale” and get a brand new DVD with The Sopranos that you’ve been looking for quite a while.

Piki (Free)

While some are still waiting for Apple to release their iRadio sometime around this summer, Turntable has went ahead and released the iOS application The moto of the application is definitely creative – “music powered by people, not algorithms.” With, you can discover new music from the folks you follow, share songs and see how people react to them. If you’re looking to listen to music shared by your friends and take radio to a social level, then has the right recipe.

Rockmelt (Free)

The Rockmelt browser has been around for quite a while already, but it has been now updated to version 3.0. And what’s special about rockmelt-browser-ipadthis latest update is that the app has become twice as fast, or, at least that’s what the developers claim. If you’ve been using Rockmelt in the past, you will notice that it now has more vivid colors in the navigation and side bars.

They have also increased the social factor, by adding #mentioning and #tags, so next time you like a story, be sure to share it with your friends and also group it with other similar stories.

MiniDisplay ($12.99)

By far, this is the most expensive iOS app featured in our weekly top this time. But those needy will surely not find this such a big price as what the app can do might prove crucial for various IT professional around the world. MiniDisplay transforms your iPhone or iPad and even iPod Touch into an external display for your Mac. You can use the mouse and the keyboard on your Mac and thanks to the touch capability, you can play interact with the content with multi-touch gestures. However, at the moment, the app has received enough down-votes because it has a bug or two, so maybe it will be wise to wait for an update before jumping. Nonetheless, the concept behind the app is very simple and easy to use.

MoveMent: Apartment Rental Marketplace (Free)

Are you looking for a new place to stay with rent and are obsessed about finding the right place? I know what you’re feeling because I’ve been and still am in this situation. The iOS MoveMent wants to give you a hand by allowing you to verify the veracity of the flat rent posting. You can check if the pictures are real, if the address is genuine and the exact date when the posting has been made public. You can also rent your own place straight from your iPhone and it is a pleasure to do it.

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