One of the things I hate the most about my smartphone is its battery. After using it for more than 3 years already, it has obviously lost a lot of its capacity. And if I don’t charge it at the end of each day, then I might leave the second day from the house with my battery almost dead. That’s why when I heard about the AC Socket application, I couldn’t be more happier.

AC Socket is still at its beginnings, but it┬ádefinitely┬ápromises to grow in the near time. We all know that the stock Android system notifies us when there’s 10 or 20 percent left from the battery, but most of the time, let’s face it, we ignore that completely or we simply forget about that. AC Socket wants to solve that by reminding you to charge your smartphone every night, after you set a daily reminder.


Charge your Android smartphone daily with AC Socket

The application has been recently finished by XDA-Developers member shadrmg and is now available in the redesigned Play Store, as well. It is a very basic application that does what is supposed to do: help you get rid of those annoying situation when you have no battery left in your smartphone and you have to use a battery extender, if you have one. Here are AC Socket’s main features and functions:

  • Use the same, default common system low battery sound
  • Displays LED notification lights, if you have them on your device
  • Displays notifications only if it is not currently charging
  • Provides daily battery consumption statistics (average)
  • Displays a header background color according to the consumption level
  • You can disable it for certain days

There is also a paid version of the application, which probably doesn’t feature any ads. If you want to support the developer’s work and you really like the idea, then I suggest to get the paid version, as it is only $0.99. After using the app myself for almost 3 days, I can definitely say that it has proven to be a big help, even if some might think that setting up an alarm might do the trick.

So, if you’re on of those folks (like me) that forget so many times to charge their smartphones, then you should really download the application and give it a try. Here are some screenshots showing what AC Socket looks like when installed in your smartphone.

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