It might be called the Godphone, but even the iPhone’s greatest supporters will concede that calling and messaging are not the phone’s greatest strengths – you have to end up going to the contacts, open the one you need to communicate with and then choosing the relevant option. And this has pretty much been the system for a while. Which is why we have found ourselves falling more than just a little bit for ReachFast Contacts.


A 2.2 MB download that is available free of cost from the iTunes App Store, ReachFast Contacts lets you access your contacts and communicate with them with a mix of gestures and taps. It will take a bit of time to get started (depending on just how many contacts you have on your device), but once it is done it will show you all your contacts arranged in alphabetical order as per first name (you can switch to surnames if you wish). You can set contact pictures, ask for mail details to be shown, and play around with sound effects and vibrations. But all this is pretty much superficial stuff.

What ReachFast Contacts is REALLY about is the ease with which different communication functions have been integrated into a single contact app. To make a call, you just need to tap on the contact once, which then launches the default phone app, dials the number and then delivers you back to ReachFast once the call is over. Holding down a contact and sliding it to the right gives you the option to send them a text message or an e-mail, depending on the preferred contact information entered by you. Want to edit a contact? Just hold it down and slide it to the left to get the option (you can also delete a contact and mark it as a favorite).

Recently contacted people will appear on top of the contacts list, and speaking of the top, all you have to do to search your contacts is pull down gently to show the search box. Search incidentally is smart enough to start showing you options even while you key in the first few letters of a name. And if you are adding a new contact or information to an existing one, you can move from field to field by simply swiping your finger on the onscreen keyboard – a swipe to the right to move one field below, a swipe to the left to move to the field above.


All of which makes ReachFast Contacts one of the more innovative and yet simple contact apps we have seen in a while. When it works, it certainly beats using the default contacts app. Unfortunately, it does not always does so – it lagged and crashed a few times on our iPhone 4S. But it tells you just how much it delivers when you consider that it was still good enough for us to plonk it on our iPhone’s dock. We would recommend you do so as well – it is free for a limited time. And is likely to get better.


Available from: iTunes App Store
Price: Free (for a limited period of time)

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