Looking for some great, creative new Android apps to download and install right away on your device? Maybe our weekly list with the best Android applications will help you with that. Feel free to choose and keep only those that you are really interested in, because installing them all will make your smartphone or tablet perform slower than usual.

I know folks who have both an iPad (or iPhone) and also an Android device, so if you’re looking to enrich your iOS collection of apps, then you should check our weekly roundup made for Apple’s mobile OS. As always, games will be present in our list, along with productivity apps and much, much more. Enjoy and make the most of them!

Swype ($0.99)


Many of you have probably heard about Swype and have used it. If so, then it means you had Swype on your device. But now, Swype has been updated on the Play Store, becoming available not only for a limited amount of devices, but to all of them that are running at least Android 2.2.

It currently has a special price, but we’re not sure for how long it will stay like that. Hurry and get Swype on your Android device to make use of the app that established the Guinness world record of the fastest typed message.

Runtastic Mountain Bike (Free)

As I’ve previously said, I love the mountains a lot. But I’m 100% sure that there are many more like me who share the same passion. If you’re carrying a mountain bike and a smartphone in the same time, then you’d want to become “smart” about your mountain trip. Runtastic Mountain Bike application is one of the best biking companions. It will provide statistics of your tracks, as well as maps and even heart rate measurements. The app can also inform you about weather conditions, so you won’t be taken by surprise by a sudden rain.

Fieldrunners 2 ($2.99)

Tower defense games are getting a lot of love from gamers because they follow the same game line. If you’ve been enjoying the first version of Fieldrunners, then Fieldrunners 2 will definitely prove to be equally addictive. The game will please your eyes with hand painted, 2D graphics by award winning artists. Use air strikes, mines and other weaponry to defend your tower.

Angry Gran Toss (Free)

An angry gran is trapped inside an asylum. Your job is to help her get out of there. And apparently, the best way do to it is to help her get over the wall by using cannons, jet packs or guns. Yes, this is yet another simple, but highly addictive game with a “creative” scenario. Train pets, collect money and bullets, avoid the police and mines to help the granny escape. You can even play against your Facebook friends in Angry Gran Toss.

Fangz HD ($1.99)


Love touch arcade games? So do we, and that’s why Fangz HD is on our weekly roundup. You will be killing corrupt lawyers, bankers and vampires, thus a lot of blood will be shed in a hand-drawn environment. Tough bosses will be encountered along a 10-level campaign mode, so be sure to unlock more powerful weapons to beat them.

BitDefender Antivirus (Free)

You probably already have some Android apps to back up and firewall your device, but most definitely, a free antivirus that comes from such a reputed name like BitDefender won’t hurt. The BitDefender Antivirus Free app will protect you from malware, antiviruses and will even provide a cloud scanning tool. And don’t worry, it will have a very light impact on your battery’s life.

Ting (Free)

Even if you don’t have a Ting account, maybe now it’s the moment to create one. The Ting Android application allows you to control mobile data usage and thus, keep the bills under a certain limit. In order to carefully watch over how much you spend on your phone, the app will let you enable or disable international calling, tethering, MMS, SMS and online connection. You will also be notified when your billing cycle ends.

AutoVoice (Free)

Technology is advancing and we want to control our devices with different parts of our bodies, not only our fingers. Samsung is trying to give us more control to our eyes while Apple bets we’ll talk to our smartphones with the help of Siri. AutoVoice is one Android app that wants to do the same thing. It allows you to control your device even through your Bluetooth headset.

Note: You will need to have Tasker automation app to use AutoVoice

Imgur (Free)


If you’re checking out Reddit quite often, then you should know what Imgur is. Although currently in beta, Imgur has released their Android app so you can check viral images straight from your smartphone/tablet. Even if it feels like a little too late, the vast community behind Imgur will appreciate the coming on the Android ecosystem. Comment, vote and upload images to Imgur. Do note that the app is still in BETA, which means that if you’ll encounter some bugs, they will definitely iron them out in version 1.0.

GoComics (Free)

GoComics brings all your favorite comics inside a single place: Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Marmaduke, FoxTrot, The Boondocks, Big Nate, Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy and many others. Inside the app you can bookmark your favorite comics and even share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Jiffy (Free)

We live in busy times and every minute of our time is precious. Jiffy is a neat time tracking Android app that wants to give you more power over your time spending. The clean, clutter-free screen and very basic controls make the app suitable for every kind of users, from kids rushing to school to engineers. Keep track of the time you spend on new tasks, clients and projects and use colors to help you.

Algebra ($1.99) & Calculus Course Assistant ($3.99)

Since we were talking about engineers, let’s talk about two more apps that will come in handy for them (or rather for engineering students), both released by Wolfram Alpha: Algebra and Calculus Course Assistant. If you think the math and physics Android apps that we have previously featured were not enough, then try these 2. Solving equations and complex problems will become fun again, as you will be able to do it even in your bed, right before going to sleep.

PassWallet (Free)

Keeping so many passwords under complete secrecy is no easy task and it gets even more difficult when you use your smartphone or tablet to access a banking account. PassWallet is an Android password manager that will use a 256-bit AES encryption (military level) to secure not only your passwords, but also website Logins and Passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, ID Documents, email accounts, memberships and even more.

PlayerFM (Free)

Listening to a podcast is great, because it allows you to do two things in the same time. Missed last night’s show? No worry as you can use the PlayerFM new Android app to find it. Or you could simply browse through 300 topics to discover the ones you like and care about and start listening.

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