When you go for a trip outside the city, you usually rely on your smartphone for most of your digital tasks: navigation, online browsing, photo taking and so on. But your smartphone’s battery will eventually die, not matter what tricks you might be using to improve it. And let’s suppose that you might want to bring your laptop or even your tablet with you. Or, what happens if you’re a photography lover or you want to play on your PlayStation while staying at that wonderful cottage?

If you want to carry all of that with you, or only a small part of it, then you definitely should be getting along a bag for gadgets. There are different types of gadgets bags; there are bags that you need when you are travelling, then there are bags that you just need to be big and safe enough to transport your valuable gadgets.

Carry your gadgets with you safely with these bags

Like I just said, there are all kind of bag gadgets, so you need to choose the one that fulfills your needs. Are you looking for safeness only? Then you should get a bag that will transport your gadgets to the destination intact. Or, maybe you are looking for a “smart” gadget bag, like the Phorce one, which charges smartphone, tablets, laptops and whatnot. Some of you might even need a bag for gadgets that isn’t too big, is easy to carry and keeps your devices protected.

We will mostly be providing the brands that you should look for and also a few products from their offer. Join us as we discover the best there is to help you protect your precious gizmos.

Backpack/bags that can charge your gadgets



MyPowerBag seems to have the biggest collection of charging bags for your gadgets. You can browser their websites and see that they have different products, accessories and even briefcases  A company that stays true and loyal to its purpose, apparently  and definitely deserves to be placed on the top of our list. They have a range of backpacks but the one that caught our eye was the Deluxe Backpack which has enough juice to charge your smartphone up to 4 times, thanks to its huge, 6000 mAh battery. For some $50, you can get an additional battery, too. It sells for $170.


Phorce is a product that we’ve talked before and we enjoyed it a lot. What I personally liked about Phorce is that the word “smart” doesn’t apply to it only because it can charge your device, but also because you can carry it on your shoulder, as a backpack or even as a briefcase. So, wherever you are going, you can take Phorce with you, as it will definitely fit in. Another important thing to note about Phorce is that it is made out of a durable, water-resistant, custom-coated fabric. And if you’re worrying that rain might put in peril your device, fear not, as it has waterproof zippers to keep your gadgets dry.



Okay, this one might seem a little girl-ish, as we can see from the first minute when we open up the Everpurse’s website. But that doesn’t really matter, because Everpurse is keen on giving more battery life and, why not, even a little protection to your smartphone. Your phone is small enough so you could put it in any other charging bag featured here but the selling point of Everpurse is very obvious – you won’t always carry a huge backpack with you. While most of the Everpurse “purses” seem to have a feminine style, there are some for men, as well. $249 is the price you will have to pay for such a small, but very useful gadget bag.


The charging bags from Liposack are probably the most basic ones you could see. And, because they are basic, they are also cheaper, but this doesn’t mean they won’t charge your smartphone or laptop properly. There is quite a collection of charging bags on Amazon and price is what sets them apart from the rest.

Solar charging bags

A very special category in our compilation is represented by the solar charging bags. These are also charging bags, but they don’t rely on the battery itself to power up your devices, but rather, it uses the Sun’s energy to do so. Some of them, of course, allow you to charge the bigger battery before going out and once it gets depleted, you can use the solar panels on its back to fill it up again. After that, your gadgets will charge from it. It might not be as fast as you’d wish, but you’ll be surprised to know how powerful Sun’s energy can be.

Here are some of the best solar charging bags for your gadgets, be it an iPad, smartphone, laptop or even camera.

  • E5solar – on E5solar’s website you will find a lot of solar charging bags, aimed at charging your iPad, iPad Mini, laptop (12 and 15 inch) and also back-up batteries. But being made in Switzerland, cheap is not something that describes it. The solar charging bag for the iPad currently sells for $418.
  • VoltaicSystems – there are A LOT of solar charging bags, backpacks from VoltaicSystems. The company is recognized as one, if not, the best, in its field. You can get laptop & tablet backpack charger or you can opt for something that’s even bigger, which will allow you to stuff inside even more gadgets – the OffGrid solar Backpack can be yours for $229.
  • Crosskase –  another important name in the solar charging industry that you should definetely check out. It will also be feature in your safety list because they have one of the best looking bags for gadgets we’ve seen so far. You can get your hands on a 2200 mAh solar backpack for not less than $107.

Bags for gadgets to safely carry them

There are so many many travel bags for your gadgets out there that’s virtually impossible to come up with an universal list. I know, we’re saying this every time. However, we did try to scout and pick only those products that received the highest rating and which were tested by some members of our staff.


Finding a great bag to carry your gadgets will not prove to be such a hard task, after all, because we have so many choices out there. What might airbac-bag-for-gadgetsbe troublesome is finding one that won’t hurt your back and will look after your health. That’s why products from Airbac are so appreciated and have even won awards and mentions.

Thanks to a patented air support system, the Airbac backpacks remove the weight from your back and shoulders. The short video describes briefly how it works. You can use the backpacks from Airbac to carry your gadgets and to be sure that your back will say thanks.


Smart division of the space – that’s what products from SkoobaDesign are about. One of the best from their offer has to be the Cable Stable DLX which, as you can tell from the above image, smartly makes space for all your gadgets, while providing that protection you’re longing for.

You have more than 15 intelligently-organized space where you can place your cables, cords, batteries, cameras and whatnot.


Mesh pockets and elastic loops will keep your electronic gadgetry under control. It can be yours for $40.


I first heard about Tenba from a photographer friend of mine. He said that his Tenba backpack is the best he could find in terms of protection for his camera. And we know how sensitive a camera can be. But Tenba doesn’t specialize only on camera bags and on their websites you’ll find a lot of cases, bags, backpacks and even briefcases. The Roadie II hybrid is a wonderful backpack that doubles as a briefcase which you can use to house in a professional camera and even a 17 inch laptop. You’ll have to get $325 out of the pocket to buy it.


I am trying really hard to resist not to tell you that Crosskase bags are my favorite (oops, it seems I failed to resist!). Especially interesting is the Fusion backpack which looks very, very good and comes with a very smart organization of the space inside. It is water-repellent, allows you to fusion-bag-gadgetsplace inside a 13-17 inch laptop, as well as an iPhone. Being made from neoprene, it means that it will feel soft on the hand, but resistant in the same time. The Ultra bag comes with a different design. Both are currently selling for £79.99 ( around $124).

Of course, there are more bags for your gadgets and maybe we just couldn’t find something that would work out for your needs. Feel free to look in the collection of these other important makers of awesome gadget bags:

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