I’ll be the first to admit that cooking is not for everyone. Most of us don’t get much better than french fries and omelets, or other simple dishes that basically anyone can make and which don’t require any expertise  However, with the proper training (and some trial and error), you can learn to cook some pretty impressive dishes.

What better cooking aid to have than your mobile device. Be it a tablet or a smartphone, you can very easily download cooking apps and learn some new dishes or some kitchen tricks that will help you out. Although you won’t be a gourmet chef, you will be able to whip up some meals that will impress your friends and pretend to be one. So, if you want to learn a few things about cooking, then take a look at these cooking apps.

Some of the best cooking apps


Getting help from a dedicated cooking app is great way to ensure that you are on the right way to learn how to cook great meals. Your mobile device can be your best friend in this case, as it is always handy and you have lots of great cooking apps at your disposal.


Probably one of the best known cooking websites, Allrecipes offers users a huge database of recipes and instructions on how to cook your meals. The simple interface and awesome features make it more than a perfect cooking app, but also a very well designed shopping app.

Price: Free / $2.99 for Premium App
Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire


With a cookbook that has more than quarter of a million recipes and growing, BigOven is the perfect companion in the kitchen. Offering users simple to follow instructions and some awesome recipes, it will not disappoint. Your cooking skills will be greatly improved with the help of this excellent cooking app.

Price: Free / $1.99 per month for Pro Membership
Available for: iOS Android, Kindle Fire, NOOK, Windows Phone


This award winning app has been around for a long time and it has been used by many people. iCookBook has a simple interface that allows users to search for recipes and instructions on how to cook them easily. The app contains over 2000 recipes hand picked by the editors, and each day this number grows.

Price: $4.99
Available for: Android, iOS, Windows 8/RT


Epicurious is a well known food website where users can find great recipes and other information regarding food and cooking. Thanks to the website’s popularity, their mobile apps have also received positive feedback from users and it is used by lots of people who want to learn how to cook some nice dishes.

Price: Free
Available for: Android, iOS, NOOK, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire

Jamie Oliver Cooking Apps

Jamie Oliver is a well respected cook who has written cookbooks and has his own cooking shows. If you enjoy his cooking and you want to learn a few recipes from him, then you can download his 20 Minute Recipes or 15 Minute Recipes Apps and start creating some wonderful meals for your friends and family.

Price: Free / $4
Available for: Android, iOS

Weber’s On the Grill

If you are a fan of grills, then Weber’s On the Grill app is the best one for you. Offering over 300 grill recipes for different foods and spices, it is the perfect companion for that backyard party where hamburgers and ribs are must-have dishes. You can impress everyone with your cooking skills if you study a few of the recipes that this cooking app provides.

Price: $4.99
Available for: Android, iOS


Another very appreciated cooking service is Paprika. Designed for those who want to have their favorite recipes available all the time and on all their devices, but at the same time, with easy access to all of them Paprika provides users with cloud sync for their recipes, so they can save them on their Mac and have them ready on their tablet or smartphone.

Price: $4.99
Available for: iOS, Android, Mac OS X

Cooking Apps for iOS


If you want to try out some other cooking apps on your iPhone or iPad, then these dedicated iOS cooking apps will provide you will all the recipes you need, as well as show you how to cook them.

Cooking Apps for Android


If you own an Android device and you want to try out some other interesting apps, then here are a few that will allow you to learn new recipes and cook much better.

Although these apps will not transform you into a world class cook, they will help you learn new recipes and you will know a few new tricks for cooking. If you use them, then you will be able to cook many more delicious meals , and you will very proud of your work.

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