Ever asked yourself if your kid got home safely or to school in time? Ever wondered what happens to those precious pictures and files if your phone gets stolen? Droid Manager is a simple, feature-filled application that can serve as answer for all those questions, and even more.

Designed to work with several platforms, including iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Facebook, Droid Manager is a simple and nice looking suite of organizers, coordinators and other management tools. Available for free in the marketplace, this app has the potential of becoming a must-have for every family with an Android addiction.


Droid Manager Features

  • Family coordinator – designed for small groups of people, one of the most important Droid Manager features is the ability to keep members informed about another. Using a simple map, up to four devices can be tracked in real-time and communicating between participants can be done through the app itself. Moreover, the chat interface allows people to send YouTube videos and map positions, besides regular text messages.
  • Note taker – saving notes becomes a bit smarter with this manager, allowing people to pin notes on certain map locations and once the user arrives, push notifications will make sure to remind him what he has to do.
  • Time saver – binding location-features with automation features, Droid Manager can automatically enable or disable certain phone options, depending on where the user is at the moment. For instance, the sound can be silenced while you’re at school and the Wi-Fi can be activated when you reach home.
  • File protector – in case the phone gets stolen or you simply loose the device, a mobile device management function allows users to track the phone’s last position on the map or even lock it completely. All these actions are performed remotely and when needed, one can even resort to erasing data or setting an access password.
  • Parental orientated – one of the smartest features we’ve seen in an app until the moment allows users to add PIN code protection to certain application on different devices. This way, you make sure that even though you lend the mobile phone to your kid for a couple of minutes, he won’t be able to access critical data without the proper key.

Thanks to a wide range of browser extensions, Droid Manager can be used from an authorized computer without having to open the smartphone at all. Using an intelligent browser such as Chrome, Firefox and a later version of Internet Explorer, users can see map locations, browse files and play music right from the big screen. The same goes for Facebook.

Droid Manager is free to install for one device and can be served under a limited-time trial basis up to four devices. For more members, an unmentioned fee will have to be paid.

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