Summer is almost upon us and our smartphones and tablets are always with us. We’re always looking for new, interesting Android applications to have fun with. And here, at Technology Personalized, we take this very seriously as every week comes to an end. To remind you all once again, we’re not only talking about new Android apps, we carefully look at the ratings and we also check them out ourselves.

Half of the apps presented here are games, so you’ll have enough to relax yourself at work or while waiting for the subway. If you’re looking for some new apps for your iPhone or iPad, I suggest you to check out our weekly list of iOS apps, as well.



Oh boy, oh boy, it has finally come to Android devices! Without a doubt, this game will not appeal to those that haven’t played it before. But the great number of downloads and ratings will increase in time thanks to those that have played this game when it first appeared, in the late ’90s. Unleash a motor mayhem in Carmageddon as you destroy the cars of your opponents, police and you don’t even mind stepping over pedestrians and even cows.


Now, this is one application that I badly need. Focus@will is an inventive, new kind of music service that is actually helping you out while you are studying or working. It’s a music service that gathers radio stations according to your preference:¬†classical, jazz, ambient or “alpha chill”. It is said to increase the attention span up to 400%, probably because it is based on neuroscience. However, you’ll have to pay more to enjoy the most of it. After a 3 week trial with full access, you can choose to subscribe for $3.99 per month/$34.99 per year or choose the free version, where you will be limited to 100 minutes per session.

Tetris Blitz

Tetris is the first game I played in my life and it wasn’t on a smartphone, computer and not even on a “modern” gaming console. I played Tetris on something like this, that was called Brick Game. There are a lot of Tetris apps on the Play Store for your Android device, but not all of them are created by such a reputed company as Electronic Arts. Tetris Blitz is a 2-minute version of the game, but you can also try a free version of the full game or opt for the paid one.

Shiny The Firefly


Games with superb animation have always been appreciated by players all over the world, regardless of their age. Such is the case with Shiny the Firefly, which you are helping to find hist lost babies. As you do it, you will have to battle against an army of mosquitoes, toads, plants, wasps and many other dangerous insects trying to stop you from your holy mission. 33 levels are there to challenge you, but as the game will become more popular, you should expect new levels in a future update.


It’s kind of weird that our social lives are now more and more in the online environment. Somehow, we don’t have as much time as we once did and rather to call, message or meet, some of us prefer to send a message on Facebook or just to tweet. Schemes tries to ease your online social life by letting you schedule certain messages. You can use Schemes to schedule message sending to Facebook, Twitter and even as SMS. The app is currently in BETA, so be patient with any possible glitches.


If your smartphone comes with an impressive camera that you rely on more than you do on your digital camera, then chances are that you’ve piled up quite a lot of photos and videos. And one of the biggest issue is to sort them afterwards. Flayvr helps with that, by recognizing photos and videos that you took at a certain event and grouping them all together. You can then easily share them if your friends, if you want to.

Splay Launcher


Albeit we’ve talked about some of the best Android launchers just recently, Splay launcher has caught our attention with its rather unorthodox way of customizing your homescreen.

Splay allows you to easily operate with just a single hand to access your¬†phone, messages, music, apps and even more. It looks so different that your friends might think you’re holding in your hands a different OS than Android!

Captain Oil

The last but one game in our weekly list of the best Android apps is Captain Oil where you have to free the trapped Oileys. You have 90 super levels where you must play around with the physics laws in order to find the perfect shooting angle. You are, of course, Captain Oil and you must free all the Oileys to get back your precious workers.

Origami Live Wallpaper

One of the things that I love to do the most when it comes to customizing my Android experience is to play around with live wallpapers and backgrounds. I don’t know why, but I get bored if I don’t change them after maximum 3 days. That’s why when I discovered Origami Live Wallpaper I was excited. The wallpaper itself is very basic, as it has only 9 different themes, but there are up to 62 customization options to get what you’re looking for. Get a look at the video to understand what I’m talking about.

Tennis in the Face


Quite a weird name, indeed, but it speaks for the action that happens inside the game. You must help Pete Pagassi [sic] fight foes from the Explodz evil energy drink corporation: creepy clowns, evil riot police and other Explodz-addicted maniacs. And how do you do that? Well, that’s right, with a tennis ball in the face!

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  1. Try this game in google play:

    The game is about managing the life of a guppy mother fish and her offspring in a dangerous sea. Manage their voyage through the sea bed. There are a number of enemies waiting to have them. The player have to safeguard the guppy and little guppies tactfully from enemies. Avoid enemy fishes and bombs and collect coins to score more points

    Also available in itunes also

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