It’s that time of the week where we roundup the best new and notable apps we came across on the iTunes App store, and this week there aren’t many of them. We have carefully chosen the 10 best apps worth checking out this week.

For the week ending May 11th, the best apps list is a mixture of quirky photo apps, a couple of weird apps and some nice games as well. The list includes both free and paid apps. Also, note that some free apps will have in-app purchases in order to unlock full functionality.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos (Free)

Amazon is taking it heads on with Google & Dropbox with their own cloud based photo backup service called Cloud Drive. This new app lets iPhone users store and share their images through Amazon Cloud Drive. The feature packed app comes with a nice and responsive interface, and 5GB of free storage for all new users.


Atlas (Free)

Are you one of those who hate the idea of using email as a scheduling service? If so, you should be happy to meet Atlas, a new app which makes 1-to-1 scheduling and group scheduling easy and elegant. Atlas syncs in with most calendar platforms (Google Calendar, iCal, Yahoo, and Outlook), including the native one on Android and iOS devices. It is currently free to use, but will eventually turn subscription based.

Pizza Compass ($0.99)

Not everyday we come across an app which makes us think “Why didn’t anyone think about it all these time?” Pizza Corner is one such new app. Any time you feel like having a delicious pizza and don’t know where to go, just fire up this app and it will guide you to the nearest pizza store. Even better, smoke will rise from its glorious toppings when you’re nearing your final destination. Mind you, you’re paying a dollar for the idea and ease of use, and not for the data it has.

Write for Dropbox – iPad ($1.99)

If you are a fan of minimalistic apps, you should check out Write for Dropbox. The iPad edition comes a few months after the iPhone edition was launched earlier this year. The beautiful text-editor and note-taking app offers incredibly quick and elegant way to jot down notes and share them on the fly. By default, all your messages are saved to Dropbox and comes with a neat device sharing feature as well. The iPhone edition is also available for the same price.


TweetWall (Free)

Tweetwall is a popular twitter display provider used by big corporates, and fortunately common users can make use of it now, as they launch an iPad version as well. The new app comes with AirPlay support, which should help display tweets on big screen TVs. The iPad app doesn’t allow complete customization, as that is a premium service costing around $49/day.


Kinomap Fitness & Kinomap Trainer (Free)

Kinomap Fitness and Kinomap Trainer are two universal apps designed to let you use your favorite home training equipment to train against pre-recorded, GPS-located outdoor routes like Tour de France or London Marathon. The apps are free when you use them against your own videos. Access to Kinomap’s video library of about 10,000 videos is available for US$11.99 per month or $74.99 annually.

Libretto ($0.99)

Libretto is a handy little app which helps you to monitor your progress and keep track of your grades in school/college. The app lets you see all your exams in a beautiful list and quickly add new exams you pass. It’s a simple but beautifully designed app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ink ($2.99)

Ink is a new handwriting app for iPad that lets you record both written and typed notes. Much like Paper and Penultimate, Ink looks similar in terms of design and functionality. It comes with some impressive set of gestures to create shapes and graphs.


Ounces (Free)

As weird as it sounds, Ounces is a simple and free ‘daily water intake tracker’. Set yourself a goal and keep adding your water intake to the app. It plays out a cool animation every time you input your water intake. Very minimal app in terms of both design and features. But hey, it’s free!


Snoopify Sticker Camera (Free)

Any Snoop Dogg fans here? If you are one, you should check out Snoopify, a photo taking app which turn your pics into snoop-themed masterpieces. To set the expectations right, it’s a simple themify app which adds virtual stickers to your existing pictures. Strictly for Snoop Dogg fans.

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