Earlier today, Nokia announced a new smartphone in the Lumia family: the Nokia Lumia 925. While the smartphone comes with a great design and promising features, the software side is what we’ll be focusing on. To be more exact, we’ll be taking a look at the new Smart Camera app that brings users new features and allows them to take better pictures in a variety of environments.

We’ve seen this app at work at the press release and we liked what it can do, as it has a host of options that users will enjoy. Nokia has always payed extra attention to their cameras, both on the hardware side as well as with the software that operates it, and with the so called “Amber” update, they have taken it to a next level.

What can Smart Camera do?

If you didn’t see the press release, then you are definitely curious as to what new features Smart Camera brings to the Lumia series. The Smart Camera app is packed full of features, giving users many options to create awesome looking pictures. The camera’s 8.7 MP sensor definitely helps, by taking high resolution pictures at an impressive quality. Here are the features that users of Smart Camera will have at their disposal, all presented in our own hands-on video from the event.

Burst Shooting

Burst Shooting will allow users to take multiple pictures in a short amount of time, which can then be processed. While this feature isn’t something new, the things that you can do with the 10 pictures it takes, is something awesome. Keep in mind that burst shots will not be taken with the full 8.7 MP, but rather with a lower resolution of 5 MP. This is not a big drawback, as the pictures taken at 5 MP will still have a pretty high resolution. The full 8.7 MP resolution will be only available in single shots.

Action Shot

For those who take pictures of rapidly moving objects, such as cars or sports photography, the Action Shot feature will provide you with the best results. This mode uses burst shooting to capture multiple frames which can be edited together to create a single high resolution image that shows moving objects in multiple frames. The user can lower the opacity of the moving object in some frames, creating the effect that shows the movement.

Motion Focus

Motion Focus is an effect that uses the 10 photos captured in burst mode and compiles them into a single image where the subject is static and the background is blurred. The motion blur from the background gives the picture the illusion of movement and speed. To achieve this effect before, you would have had to  know a few Photoshop techniques, and by adding this effect into the Smart Camera app, Nokia has allowed anyone to take awesome photos on the go.

Best Shot

A feature that other smartphones have implemented in their camera software in the past is Best Shot. Using the Burst Shooting feature, the software will determine which of the 10 frames is the best one and filter out the rest. This is the easiest way to take pictures of multiple subjects and be sure that everyone looks their best.

Remove Moving Object

If you want to take a picture of something or someone and someone walks in front of you, the Remove Moving Object feature is the perfect tool in this situation. It analyzes the 10 pictures captured with the burst shooting mode and detects the objects that are moving in the picture. After the analysis is complete, it will remove the unwanted objects and leave you with a clean picture.

Change Faces

This option is similar to the Best Shot feature, and what it does is it detects the faces of the subjects in the photo and lets you choose who you want to replace. Then you have all the instances that the camera took, so you can cycle through all the 10 pictures taken and choose the best looking one.

As you can see, the Smart Camera app that is integrated with the new Nokia Lumia 925 has brought some great improvements and features. Also, the analysis is done almost instantly, so users can take as many photos as they want. At the press release, Nokia also announced that the Smart Camera app will come to other smartphones from the Lumia series, with the “Amber” update, so other Lumia users out there can benefit from the features that the Smart Camera brings, as well as the updates for the camera software that provide better noise reduction and low-light pictures.

(The editor travelled to London on the invitation of Nokia)

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